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Anja Lorefield

Camera window auto closing

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Taking pictures as simple memories is one of my best fun in SL, but I am very annoyed since a while because some behaviors from the camera window have changed a weird way for me. I guess it is better that way for some people that take picture a different way of mind than me, but it is frustrating for me. I feel so much better each time I use phoenix instead of recent viewers, i would love to know if there is a hidden setup I could use to have the same in viewer 3... First, the camera window auto close option has disappeared for some mysterious reason. It is not so tricky to close the window manually each time, but it is so much more comfortable to just don't care about it. I don't understand why this useful option have been removed. Is it still hidden somewhere in the debug options? The second one is the ability to refresh the view by clicking several times the camera button. It was so much easier than having to focus the tiny button in the camera window, especially when having to keep very focused on the 3d view while waiting for the right moment to click. It happen so often my mouse drifted slightly from the little button while I was waiting and makes me missing the picture I have so much waited for... or otherwise, I click the camera button, then I want to click again quick to catch a better view, but clicking again close the window instead of refreshing it and the little refreshing button is so far away from the camera one, and it is so hard to focus... it drives me nuts sometimes. Please, tell me if there is a way of returning to the old behavior which was so much better than this for me

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