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I looking for JPN/ENG translating Job.

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Hello, this is MightOverwhelm.

I am working as English to Japanese translator and looking for translating job I can work.

The way of translation I can do is Direct Translation and Free Translation.

Direct Translation will translate what it write in English, even it will sound lame for Japanese Person.
Free Translation will translate what it means but it may write slightly different than original text. 

The price will be 20 L$ per word and 100L$ will be the minimum price.

As Example if you ask me to translate "This is a pen" it will be 80L$, but since this is under 100L$ I will ask you to pay 100L$ to me.

This price expecting customer going to negotiate price with me.

Please don't hesitate me to ask if you feel translation price is too expensive.

if you want to contact with me, please IM to Avatar:MightOverwhelm please.

If you going ask me for translation, please let me know

-Total number of Words need to be translate to Japanese

-One of Translation style, Direct translation/ Free translation

-The price you will pay me.
PS:It has the possibility I will may negotiate the price with you.

For the case of Japanese to English translation their is no standard price. You must talk with me. 

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