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Looking for a family

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Through all my travels in SL and the countless hours I have spent here I have always felt like one piece of me was missing. I have never had a familey never had a mom and dad brothers and sisters. A place to call  home with familey always waiting for me there with open arms.

So I start a new journey in SL today, I am setting out on finding that missing part, to find a familey a place to belong a place where I find safty, warmth and love.


Just a bit about me:

I am 24 (in Sl, 30s in RL) I would love a mom and dad even younger brothers and sisters or older ones to. I'm open and honest a bit of a free spirt, I value friendship and family. I'm a bit shy when I first meet people alot of the times but that goes away once I start to know you. I do not mind sharing bits about my rl with those close to me cause I am very much the same person here in sl as I am in rl. I enjoy laughing, being around those I care about. I tend to enjoy smaller settings then big crowds but I don't mind being around crowds. I like to explore, play games like greedy, shop when I can. I can build though latly I have not been doing much of it. I love to decorae and to land scape any chance I get. I am the type of person who trys to always be there for my friends. I hate to dispoint others and tend to be the peace maker. I have my flaws I am not perfect I perfer people who gets to know me before they judge me and those who loves me just the way I am. I am a cat girl, some would say neko though I pefer just a cat a girl this will never change. I would be lost with out my ears and tail!


Please have a look at my profile and message me in SL with any quistions you may have. I am on EST and perfer a family also on EST or CST.

Jadeilyn Resident

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Welcome, Jadeilyn, to the Second Life forums.

Have you tried any of the adoption agencies to see if you can find a family? Go and take a look at Make a Wish. Here is the Landmark that will take you there...


Almost everyone who goes there is looking for a new addition to their family, from the tiniest of child, up to the adults. Have a look around, people will talk to you. And soon, I hope, you will find the family who will be the missing piece of your Second Life. :matte-motes-grin:

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Jadeilyn wrote:

Thank you I shall pop over and have a look. I put a add up on a board at one place and went to a few others they were either to laggy to load or did not have adult adoptions.

I don't know if the place I recommended to you has adult adoptions, but it is a fabulous place to visit and to meet people. Sometimes you can slip into a family situation by people liking the look of your av and approaching you.  I have almost been "adopted" as an aunt, an older sister, and a mom, by several people who have spoken to me while I have just been reposing on one of the cat sofas there.

Regarding the lag.  You will find you feel laggy at places like this; adoption agencies are always very busy (which is a good sign of their success and popularity - again the more people that visit, the more chance of random fruitful conversations).  You can help reduce the lag a little, by going into Preferences, and reducing your graphics to medium or even low.  Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do about the lag caused by heavily scripted avatars :matte-motes-frown:

Wishing you luck on your search.

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It was MAWS I was having trouble with even with me lowering my graphics to low and reducing my draw distance for some reason it takes about 30 mins just rez the boads and chances are I crash during that time. It is one of the worst places for me normaly I have no trouble with sims but for some reason that place just does not like me! lol

If you can remember the name of the other place let me know and I shall check it out. Thanks for help! HUGGIES


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there are two other agencies that i know of and have gone to Next gen adoptions and butterfly kisses angel wishes adoptions. :) i do hope you the best, and find the family your looking for. i am always over at a few of the agencies hanging out. most are really great. and have found a few great kids myself. :) my oldest 18 in rl and sl haha. so yeah just go out and do a search and see if they have adult panels, not parent but adult.

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