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Domsson Lean

Mesh Dreadlocks Bun?

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I'm not looking for someone to craft what I'm going to describe (I wouldn't want to pay custom work), but I thought maybe some hair creators will find this interesting anyway, so:

I was able to find shoes, jeans and a hoodie for my Avatar in no time. I couldn't find nice glasses but I was able to craft them myself. However, I'm still walkin around with a beanie on my head because I couldn't find any I that I liked, although I've searched a lot! So, let me describe my initial criteria (and dilemma):

  • In RL, i've got very long hair and I'd like my Avatar to be somewhat authentic to me in RL
  • I'm extremely picky about performance, so most (flexi) hair is out of the question
  • Especially long hair looks **bleep**ty without being flexi, but again, that's a performance problem
  • I love mesh and mesh can't be flexi either way
  • Still, I don't want short hair for my AV when I've got long hair in SL

So, that leaves just few possibilities:

  • Put the "long" hair under a fat beanie. I often do that in RL (in winter), too. So that would be okay.
  • A bun!

Now, I always thought about getting myself dreadlocks. So I thought, having long dreadlocks, bound to a bun, in SL - that would be a pretty good solution:

  • Since a bun is more or less static, no flexi is needed
  • Since no flexi is needed, it could be made from mesh (I love mesh!)
  • It would still resemble long hair
  • Especially dreads with their huge streaks, the geometry could be even simpler

Plus: most of the times people with dread buns will use some bandana, too. This way, the hard-to-do part where the hair joins the head would be even easier.

So it seem, the perfect SL hair for me would be something like this, made from mesh:


In case you're a mesh hair designer and your bored right now, looking for a new task... maybe you wanna try this. I'd be happy to see hair like that in SL. :)


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dDX hair store might have what you need, it is a store especialized in dreads and braids.




Her store at market place, but MP does not have even 10% of items of the store in world https://marketplace.secondlife.com/pt-BR/stores/7784


She have a mesh section, the braid I wear in this post is from there http://www.onceuponatimesl.blogspot.com.br/2012/06/stand4love.html




Both styles are mesh

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