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The brain teaser with prim or mesh feet

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i love boots in rl and sl. Im glad to prefer boots in sl.

I have tons of great shoes in my inventory. 

Old one display my avatar feet, that are ugly. Ok, i never wear them.

i have tons of more recent ones with prim feet or mesh feet. I dont wear them either. 

why ?

Because whenever i will spend hours on these horrible huds to find the perfect texture skin color for my attached feet, i wont never find the perfect one.

I mean, i wont find the one who is still the same if i just turn my cam on the side and so change the shadow lights.

i wont find the good one, that will still be same as my original skin color if i change my windlight settings.

I see a lot of pp with these kind of shoes. I have no doubts on the fact these persons spend time and lot of care to settle their feet the same color as their main skin. But honnestly, i see them with feet with not the same color as the rest of their body. Because im surely using another windlight setting.

Prim or mesh textures doesnt change the same way than the layer textures and so than skin color, when we change our windlight settings.

So yes, you are certainly conviced your feet skin matches perfectly with your main skin color. but it doesnt if you change your windlight setting.

So why allow us several windlight settings if SL cant change exactly prims or meshes textures and layers textures the same way ?

This is simply illogical.

It doesnt seem to worry any of the sl dev.

well... perfection in sl is an oxymoron, i know... but id really like to wear some of my great shoes with feet, i just cant stand the idea people will see my feet another color from my body.

And so for now, i keep wearing boots instead of shoes... that way i avoid a lot of headaches.

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This is a very, very old discussion. It is impossible to make prim or mesh feet an exact color match on everyone's screen. My screen, even with the same windlight settings in SL, may show the color a little differently than your screen. I might use a different windlight setting, as you mentioned. Generally, though, I can get the color match CLOSE, and for me, that's enough. I don't really care that someone else might see my feet as a different color, as long as I like how they look to me.

If it bothers you, you have the right of it - wear boots. You can also wear pumps that don't have built-in prim or mesh feet, but yes, you will see the default avatar feet. Those are really your only options. Nothing is perfect, and this particular part of SL will never be perfect. You'll have to deal with things the way they are, because there is no way to fix this to everyone's satisfaction.

Personally, as I said, I don't care how my feet look on someone else's screen, as long as they look good to me. There was (and still is, though less so now, I think) the same issue when mesh first came out - lots of people were still on non-mesh viewers, and many of those with mesh viewers refused to wear mesh because other people wouldn't see them correctly. Enjoy your SL the way you like it!

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Got several demo`s to see what the fuzz was about and all i could think of when looking at them was "****"
Then on a random exploring day i found a shop, a shop with templates and to my suprise, a shop with feet template that every one sells

Dig abit further and the thing you pay for that never fits or matches skin tone, is a basic template you can buy for a few l$, texture your self and have it full perm
Not that i got it as it still looks ****, but when you go to buy new shoes that have mesh feet, consider this:

Would you have bought the shoes at l$500-L$1000 when you could have bought the shoes for l$150 with your own full perm mesh feet?


I lol every time i see a person walking with them... 

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If it bothers you that much, just wear pumps. They still look great, and you don't have to worry about matching textures to your skin.

What shoes are you talking about where it doesn't match? I know certain shoes have a weird glow when I view them in AnaLu studio 5. I mostly wear N-Cores because the feet match up well to my skin tone in both default and my desired windlight setting. However for fairer shades I have a bit more difficulty matching up the tones (I mostly wear tan shades).


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well, i think its a shame to spend so much time to settle all for it looks fine from my head to my feet, and to know that others just dont see me fine.

im always sad for pp when i see them with feet with different color than their main skin. Well, some pp doesnt mind their aspect, some never changes clothes, never changes anything on their avatar. Some others doesnt even settle things for they look good on them. Indeed.

Some others give a lot of care to their appearance. And this needs a bit of time to settle all fine. Im glad to give time for this, but not if it doesnt serve for nothing. I can give time to my sl, but i dont agree for wasting my time. Time is what we cant get back when we loose it. and waste time is always a shame for me.

As im creator, i have full perm shoes with feet indeed. i recently wanted to add some to an outfit i sale.  But well, to ask my customer to wear smth that will need some bit of time to be settled but without the effect to be seen fine by everyone, is just something i cant do.

As a lot of creators, when i create something i want it looks great on my customers. When i see someone with one of my items not well settled on her, i always run to help and fix.

So well, for now, i just can accept i will see my customers with feet with diff color than their main skin. id just like that the color could change same way for prims or meshes and for skin.

we are at the age of glasses pc soon, we do not need joystick anymore when we play on consoles, they are even talking about software that will command our pc without hands needed, but we just cant make the textures change the same way in sl ..so shame...

So i will keep wearing my prim or meshes feet shoes with lont pants, and boots for the rest.

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Hello! yes this is a very old discussion. Feet skin match usually is not an easy task but in my experience a good result depends mainly on skills and practice (and yes, patience  *smiles*). Certainly, depending the screen/computer we may see colors slightly different, but if you have a good skin match doesn't mean that other people see it drastically different. In the same way, while it's true that some windlights may change the color of the feet dramatically, most of them do not alter the color. As well, there are skins harder or easier to match with the feet depending the shines/shadows on the legs etc... But if skin match is too brainteaser for you then you've made ​​the right choice (wear boots or shoes without feet instead)

*It's good contact the merchants if you are in troubles, most of them will be glad to help about skin match problems.

Sorry about my english ^^

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Light reflects differently from attachments than it does from your avatar.  However, while it is true that not everyone sees things the way you might, I find that running my graphics at high or better and using atmospheric shaders that prim feet match people's skins under most conditions when it was a good match to begin with. 

The reflection differences are mainly a problem when you match skin in daylight than wear them in other light conditions.  When I buy shoes I match them under day conditions and again under other conditions.  Sometimes I make a copy of the shoes to do this so I have a day and a night version I can switch as needed. Some shoes come with HUDs though that save the colors and that you can have on your screen and shrink when not in use.  For the latter kind of shoes, I just match the skin under all four lighting conditions and just click the right one depending on lighting.

Even with matching all four light conditions,I know that there will a few who see a bad match. If so, they probably see a bad match on everyone's prim feet, even their own and realize what is going on.  I don't worry about this.  If I did, I'd have to worry that other things like hair, clothing attachments etc are also not showing the exact shade I want and that would be just nuts.

The main thing is that you do what you find the most comfortable.  If that means wearing boots all the time,that's OK.


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I take a lot of time to find something best suited for my avi.  It will never be perfect, but I cannot resist cute shoes.  I usually test them out in multiple light and graphics settings.  Usually I get very, very close.  If not...well...most folks aren't looking at my feet anyway.  If they don't like it, I don't particularly care :)

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It doesnt matter what anyone does. unless you monitor has the exact same color settings as everyone else the colors will always be slightly different. I am red/green colorblind, so when my wife looks at my screen she says it looks off, but to me it looks fine.  there are so many variables that it becomes a moot point. just make yourself happy with how they look.

personally i find bare feet kinda sexy.

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You can't match SL skin with any 3D model, by that I mean prim/sculpty/mesh, period, because SL was hardcoded to have very messed up lighting effects. Only way to get the feet to look good is for SL to improve their "linden avatar", which will never happen, or use a full-mesh avatar, which by the way look very good even in the beta stage right now.

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Suki Hirano wrote:

You can't match SL skin with any 3D model, by that I mean prim/sculpty/mesh...

Rigged mesh feet actually can be matched quite well to the avatar skin and body.

These look pretty darn amazing:

In normal viewing distance the match is very good.  Only when zooming in very close one can see a very slight seam where the mesh foot joins the avatar body.  No need to wear anything to hide the seam as in normal viewing distance one cannot see the seam at all.

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Darker skin, your own setting, under the same lighting conditions you probably used when you matched then...yes they look good.

Lighting in SL does have a different affect on the SL avatar (and any layers baked onto the avatar mesh) than objects (prim, sculpt, mesh). What matches using your current settings may not match with other settings and may not match what others see based on their set up and settings.

I agree though, it isn't a huge issue. I have a windlight setting I rarely change and I can match very closely save differences in the texture detail between the skin and feet. What everyone else sees on their screen isn't my problem.

I also agree that like a lot of things in SL, it would be nice to see the Linden's work to improve how our avatars appear using default settings, starting with a much better base avatar mesh and UV maps. 

As I like to change skins alot, I'd much prefer a better avatar where my feet looked realistic than have to continue with this system of using alpha layers to hide part of the avatar while relying on clunky huds and someone else's textures to try and match an attachement to my skin every time I change.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3180 days.

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