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I wonder for something

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If you paid a full weeks rent the rent last Thursday at 1am your time, it should not have expired until Thursday at 12:59 am your time. I would contact the owner and tell him what happened.  Give him a copy of the transaction information from you account to show when the rent was paid and how much was paid.  It could be that the rent box malfunctioned. 

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Yes it was a weekly payment method.

I told them exactly what you just said, but the response is so ...


[05:19] "Agent": oh well, what i see is the rent expired
[05:20] Venus Castina (transpleasure): it supposed to expire in about 12-13 hours
[05:20] Venus Castina (transpleasure): im still in the time
[05:20] "Agent": well normally the box says when it expires
[05:20] Venus Castina (transpleasure): then the box is bugged
[05:20] "Agent": now i see the box has been reset
[05:20] Venus Castina (transpleasure): the week is not ended yet
[05:21] Venus Castina (transpleasure): it will end in 12-13 hours
[05:21] "Agent": we be guide by the box
[05:21] Venus Castina (transpleasure): do you have our conversation?
[05:21] "Agent": but anyway u can pay again and ill give u the group
[05:22] "Agent": well im looking at it
[05:22] "Agent": and i see the rent must to be expired
[05:22] Venus Castina (transpleasure): come on
[05:22] Venus Castina (transpleasure): it was Thursday 1 AM in my country
[05:23] "Agent": well but the time we see here is sl time
[05:23] Venus Castina (transpleasure): right now is Wednesday 3:25 PM
[05:23] "Agent": no the time of each country
[05:23] Venus Castina (transpleasure): actually is not a full week
[05:23] "Agent": i live in latin america so i cant make the count with it
[05:23] Venus Castina (transpleasure): its 6 and a half days
[05:23] "Agent": we must to check sl time as i sayd
[05:23] "Agent": no´
[05:23] "Agent": 2012/06/27
[05:24] "Agent": look
[05:24] Venus Castina (transpleasure): I supposed to pay again on Thursday 1AM my time
[05:24] "Agent": that was the date
[05:24] "Agent": 7 days ago
[05:24] Venus Castina (transpleasure): ok forget it


Im trying to explain that sl time and every other countries' time are sychronized. So my rent expires the same time I paid last week. Omg so frustrated!!! Noway to communicate...

Even Im not going to rent with them again, I need to know how is right!

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They are either incompetant and can't understand that  a week, day and hour is the same length of time no matter what time zone is used in expressing it OR worse.  They are dishonest and running a scam.  Either way i'd go elsewhere to rent.  There is plenty of land available that is owned by honest well run estates and you may even find cheaper rent.

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a large estate company usually should hold transaction logs within their rental system, i.e. Hippo...  I know Hippo has a few little bugs about counting time, especially at days when rolling restarts were going on..., but even then, a serious estate owner or their manager would have re-credited the questioned time. Its not only a question of honor, but also a simple business attitude to help the customer and not to argue with them about boxes functionality and time zones. In almost 4 years I`m managing an estate now, we did have this "time bugs" again and again, and i think we always will have them... but every of this cases was always reviewable in our transaction histories, proofable and in sense of the customers resolved.

If this certain agent has no access to the companies transactions maybe, she/he could have forwarded the issue to a superior?

Anyways... a week in Second Life has 6 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds as well as in RL. I know many of our customers do copy their transactions for every tier payment and some even do snapshots from the rental box, or their payment. It always helps to provide proofs like this.

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Not that I can write the best english but its not needed when describing something too obvious like time.

Time in sl and rl runs the same even when there is a difference.

My mark was my rl time to be sure when I have to pay again! This is what she wasnt able to understand.

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When I contacted the owner:

[2012/07/04 04:26]  TransPleasure Resident: Why you kicked me out???


20 minutes ago I got this:

[2012/07/05 08:45]  "Owner": cause you didn t payed the rent, ignoring the remindings, also, the land was completely empty so i had to reasons to wait of the reopening of the land


After I respond back and explained him what happened, still no answer.

But enough with protecting their company. Im very mad with that answer. Wth, are they robots???

I have my previous landlord as a witness, I had a club for 4 months, I was every week on my time, never been late even for a second.

If I wont have a better answer by tomorrow, I will mention their company name.

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TransPleasure wrote:


[2012/07/05 08:45]  "Owner": cause you didn t payed the rent, ignoring the remindings, also, the land was completely empty so i had to reasons to wait of the reopening of the land

wow..., thats pretty unprofessional. I surely do reclaim empty land as well, if the rental box shows 1 or 2 days rental in arrears, but if you´d get back to me ( i only can talk about me personally ) and ask why etc... it would be low effort to see there happened a mistake, to re-credit you missing time and to give you the land back. They`d have kept a renter then, instead loosing you, I´d assume... and here it are only some hours we are talking about... i don´t see what brings them more lost, loosing you as a regularily paying resident or having a parcel for sale again, not bringing in any L$ for unknown time.

I`m sorry what happened you there, i truly am, that could have been handled better... but...for the reputation of all the other estates out there, there are many, smaller as bigger estate owner and their manager, who do an awesome job and really care for their residents, if needed...

I think i saw in your other post before, that you found new land already. You have my best wishes to be better supported now.

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No need to reclaim anything, even the difference for the rest 12 hours.

Like I said, if I have to deal with programmed robots, I better dont do deals with them, if they consider their selves humans, they should be more open minded instead of giving a premade answer!

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Lizard Howl wrote:

If they made a mistake and cleared your land 12 hours early, the only thing they could do is let you get your land back, which they offered to do.

This sounds to me like a whole bunch of fuss about nothing.


i `d think an established estate owner/-manager like in this "whole bunch of fuss" and others...*me doesn`t point to anyone*...have more sense for communication with their customers. But this makes me understanding why so many people i talk to, are just happy to have some minutes of a nice and clearing chat.

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I´ve no idea what you´re talking about, but thats not really surprising if i read back other posts of you.

Anyway... I´m sure I´ve apologized a trillion times for my own mistakes, for mistakes my team caused, for non-existing mistakes and even if the mistake was caused by someone else than RGF, just to make sure the customer is happy afterwards.

Maybe you want to do a volunteer week at RGF Estates to see how team work, individualty and customer relationship is defined?

I`m sure you don`t want that..., cause 1st thing i`d say is: "I`m sorry, but bullishness is an attitude we cannot accept."

P.S.: If i failed in single cases to say sorry in the right moment, so i do apologize..., but maybe i just didn`t realize there actually was a mistake, just like you?

K, thx, bye.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3387 days.

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