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Second Life Dirty Survivor!!!

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Second Life Dirty Survivor!!!
Only at
Dirty Talk Voice Sex Lounge

Thats right, you heard it first here... Dirty Talk VSL is bringing you the hottest competition this summer.

A battle just like the reality shows Survivor and Big Brother only made for Second Life and Dirty Talk.

~~ 12 contestants
~~ 6 weeks (July 17th - Aug 21st)
~~ Confined to a DT house and compete in competitions and evictions, right in the lounge, for the ultimate Title and prize!!!

1st Prize of $25,000L
Runner up Prize of $5,000L


12 contestants (house guests) will compete for the grand prize of $25,000L All contestants in the competition will be confined to a house, with a collar on, in the Dirty Talk sim. They are to be removed from all contact with SL during the competition. Their Ims will be blocked and will have to remain on the sim, in the house, at all times while logged on. Any House Guest that attempts to leave or cheat, will be disqualified.

The House will have various levels and rooms for private conversations for local text and local voice. It will have various activities to do on a regular basis.

Every Tuesday 6-8pm slt for Head of Household (HOH). The winner of HOH will then nominate 2 people for eviction. House Guests will then go back to the house and over the next few days make their decision on who to vote to be evicted from the house. On Friday, 6-8pm slt, we meet back in Dirty Talk Lounge, where the House Guests will vote, in private, who they want evicted. Once the evicted House guest is announced, the House Guests will then compete for HOH again. Nominations will be announced and the same process happens again on Tuesday.

There will also be LUXURY competitions, which are optional attendance for House Guests, every Sunday 6-8pm slt. Prizes will range from cash to donated items form various vendors in SL.


1. You must be online for ALL competitions for Head of Household (HOH) and Evictions. Dates are: Tuesdays 6-8pm slt
Fridays 6-8pm slt

2. There will be optional attendance LUXURY competitions for prizes every Sunday 6-8pm slt.

3. You will be wearing a collar (block outside communication) and confined to a house on the Dirty Talk VSL sim for the time you are in the competition.

4. You must have skype. During competitions you will be in a group call with a competition authority, to make sure there is no cheating.

5. You must be able to voice.

Please Fill out the application attached and send to Stephanie Steamweaver. Not everyone will get chosen. It is decided upon the questions answered in the application. Once 12 contestants are picked, they will be announced.


For an application, please IM Stephanie Steamweaver, Chia Toxx or Tallulah Lawksley or come to the lounge.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4370 days.

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