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LL announcement: Major improvements coming, Project Shining

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As long as they don't compress textures on avatars texture baking will be good.

But right now they've just flipped on textire compression by default in the latest viewer, and it pixelates skins quite severely:



Versus uncompressed:



- If that gets done to us server side and we can't over-ride it, they will be panic in the streets.

BUT this sounds like a plan to prevent that from happening.


The other concern is 'download / upload lag / delay' when you change outfits. Will this cause that or not. No idea. Don't think so, if its coded right. :)

Bree Giffen wrote:

That's really good news about improving basic performance. But when can LL start with working on the all the
flashy new bling stuff
? Come on.

 Hopefully soon, this guy needs more:



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Looks pretty good which one thing I have in question about this and that is this.

Project Sunshine (Server-side Baked Texture Generation & Storage)  

Does this mean that finally people will not be able to use illegal or CopyBot content anymore?

For example is it possible or will it be possible to throw in some protection to prevent cloning of content?

I also assume that this new texture serverside server could have some serious issues like what if a massive number of people rapidly changed stuff from their inventory, or what if someone loaded up a bunch of assets really fast would it be possible to in sense crash the server or would it go down and leave everyone looking like newbs?


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about ripping

the server texture baking is still going to use textures in the database. so any rips uploaded as independent arent/cant be dealt with any different than they can be now

however, in the old/current way the individual skin/clothing textures are dled to my computer seperately (assume i own them). my computer then bakes them and upload. the server then distribute the baked image to other users

will still be a bit of a hole there. wont fill it completely server side baking but will help a little bit with copybotters


will be throttled server side to prevent rapid bakes intended to crash the servers. just like anything else that tries to do that kinda things

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REALLY?.....just sounds like more false promises, or if they fix this something else will break. My phone company has been sending me texts, telling me how they are making improvements to my service which may cause disruptions. But still My calls will drop out when i move from one room to another.....blah blah blah blah is what i hear. More business hype and beauracratic bull.......I pay my tiers, i won land, i dont take the LL free house and land, i keep my place free of large scripts....and stilll i recieve a low level of service because LL sought higher profits and sacked a lot of workers............

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*giggles* Let's hope that "Project Shining" is not related to "Shining" :)

The plan is to reduce the bandwidth usage alot. Thats a good thing for LL and for slow connections and even for fast connections since they don't have to wait for the slow clients anymore. So - no grey people if that all works like expected.

Making a useful cache strategy for the client cache will increase the rezzing speed of everything.

So - sounds good !!!

About the ripping of textures and sounds - if you see or hear it - it's on your computer and so you can save it to disk. Point. It is independant of server or client.

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MoiselleErin Teardrop wrote:

Christ of christs, they are not REALLY trying to bring back bling are they? I thought that annoying feature disappeared about the time V2 was hitting the scene.

no hehehe..i think it was just an example of how it would probably not be as hard on the system if it did make a comeback..with the changes that LL are talking about..

i think bling is something that is over..at least the huge presence it had when a lot of people were overdoing it..

i hope bling never makes a comback when it's comback decade hits..hehehehe


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I love everything about the Shining.

Scary movie, great acting, amazing hotel and when you go nuts you go to the 1920s and get some to party to Al Bowlly music!

Ok the trying to murder your family and some freaky ghosts wandering around is a bit less fun, but thats a detail.

Bring on the shiny shining!

And here's Al... swoon.

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one of the things that server baking leads to is mesh baking

so like when you wear a mesh outfit. the whole thing including the avatar mesh is baked into one object for dl. when you take an item off/on then is rebaked again into the whole

is lots of load on the server to do this. but if can get the balance right then is way better in terms of viewer side playability

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I think these improvements are great. I'm curious to see how they will impact those with older machines and graphics cards. We always see a lot of people complain about poor performance, but how many of those people are running on PCs that belong in the recycle bin? It's not realistic to expect Second Life to run the same on a ten-year old machine as it will on a tricked-outed gaming tower. Not that you need an expensive gaming PC to run SL, but you get the point.

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This is actually HUGE news! server side rendering will be a boon to the average user. Nearly all of the lag that we experience is related to bandwidth and client side rendering.  Historically most of the lag complaints have not been entirely LL's fault but instead have been related to inadequate clients to handle the demands of SL. This could enable the use of SL on any device from older PCs to smartphones to Google Glasses.


There was a thread in the old SL forums when this company announced this that led to speculation if SL would ever go this way. It was a far off dream back then. Now in retrospect it appears that this step is neccessary to SL's future survival. If it does not do this it will be left behind. Server side rendering will cut down on massive amounts of "unknowns" and serve to make the SL experience far more consistent from one user to the next.

In fact it will be super cool if this step leads to the ability to finally upgrade the SL avatars.



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3366 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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