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Briley Dezno

<-Country Shores-> Now Open! 1.5x Prims Bonus (4096, 2048, & 1024 sqm parcels)

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Welcome and thanks for your interest in Country Shores. This sim is not for profit and all that is made will go to improvements and future tier payments. You can rest assured this will be one of the most peaceful places you can call home in Second Life. Every parcel is protected on all sides which allows for more privacy. If for any reason the trees are in the way of your building please IM me and I will have them removed. Breedables are ok but please keep them in reason and set them to create as little lag as possible. We do ask that you try and stay within the theme or at least keep your build professional. I really hope you will choose to stay with us and look forward to having conversations with everyone. Please feel free to IM Briley Dezno if you need anything.

<-4,096 Sqm-><-1,406 Prims-><-2,048L Weekly->
<-2,048 Sqm-><-702 Prims-><-1,024L Weekly->
<-1,024 Sqm-><-351 Prims-><-512L Weekly->

If you need a bigger plot we can accomadte and pull some that are near each other together.

When you buy the land that payment is applied to your first weeks rent.



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