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Music Attitude Dance an Race Club@Caspoli: Is seeking a Club Gen manager to handle a variety of

responsibilities. Experience with groups, good communication Making sure the club is fully staffed on your shift., watch over the Lounge/Sim looking for potential griefers or lag issues, Dealing with complaints and issues from VIPs, spamming VIP group, attending a weekly meeting. Need someone who is trustworthy

and dedicated. Salary based !10% of club take +100% tips the more events, partys you make the better

you do, plus free home. This requires some  training so be sure you have the time before you apply.

Send resume with your experience (SL skills), and any jobs you've had. Humans only while working.

Contact me in world via a notecard not IM.  (also looking for all staff Dj host hotess Dancers 100% tip)

** MUST VOICE non negotiable
** Send group notices (Includes writing them),** Manage Workers--all details, including filling out apps.
** Help workers now there job an set up gigs
** Work in club when needed** Available when online** Time varies east cost time is helpfull                   

 Music Attitude Dance an Race Club@Caspoli, Caspoli (164, 221, 22) - Moderate ((>>>>>send note card I

will not take ims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Caspoli/165/221/22

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