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amarock Amat

Would like to start learning korean

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Would love a chance to learn korean, in my spare time ,and possibly expand my knowledge. I know it is not something that can be picked up in mere monthes, and would love to dedicate myself in learning  hangul, although at this moment would be more focused on the speak aspect of it. 



Thank you 



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I don't log on frequently but if you invite me I can introduce korean community group that can help you. 

I think learning language is based on experience.. so if you have more change to see korean.. 

then you can improve your korean well. 


just invete me as a friend or search the group called TOV

TOV is one of big korean group. 

I believe you can have a chance to meet koreans there. 


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hi, im korean and im open to others would like to learn about my native tongue. if you want to learn a few, IM me or send me a friend request. 반갑습니다(pronunciation: ban gap sup nii da)(meaning: a pleasure to meet you.)

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Hi,  I see this was posted several years ago now. I am looking for exposure to natural Korean conversations (that are not boring textbook dialogues) so am seeking Korean speaking communities in SL.  If you have suggestions, I'd love to hear.  I am not looking for lessons but looking for exposure natural conversations/community.

I found the TOV group but it appears you can only join by invitation.  I'll also look at Kota Korea Town when I get a chance to login.  Any recommendations of places and spaces in SL where I might be exposed to Korean language text/local chat or spoken - directly or passively would be appreciated.




PS: Yes. A necro post (they can sometimes be helpful).

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