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a web based sl chat client.

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I think recent discussions mentioned that you CAN use SL on PS3, but only if you have an old one capable of Linux. If you have a newer PS3 that is not capable of Linus, you are out of luck. You could always try your phone; there are text clients out there for cell phones now, if you have a smartphone with an appropriate operating system.

The thing is, SL was never intended to be a chat service. There are lots of those already. SL is an interactive virtual world, and a chat-based client defeats their purpose entirely. Which isn't to say they may not eventually develop one: Personally, if I worked for LL and developed these things, I would come up with a chat-based client and charge for it - X amount per month, or a lower amount per day/hour for those who only need to chat briefly with customers, etc. every now and then. But it's not actually what SL is designed to be.

Do you have any chat service usable through your PS3 (or any other device you have)? If you can borrow a computer briefly, you could always create a username for whatever chat service you have available, then go on SL and share that username with your SL friends so they can chat with you if they want. Also, I believe there's a way to have offline IM's sent to email.

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I'm afraid what you are looking for does not exist right now. It's quite the shame too, considering how many people do like to use SL at work, run businesses in SL, suffer hardware failures, own laptops with subpar graphics (e.g, Intel GMA). If you have access to even a toaster of a computer, do try Slitechat. It's tested by yours truly and works very quickly on a Pentium 3 running Windows 2000. Otherwise, Slitechat and Mobilegridclient both seem stable enough on Android hardware. 

Too bad there's nothing web based available anymore. There was once an AJAX-based web-client, but RIP. Sorry! 

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This is the only solution I have ever used.  I have been useing a web based chat system through our hippo vend, rental boxes.  you can send messages from the internet, by logging into your account with hippotech, and have your IMs set to be recieved in email.... you will be able to see people talking to you in your email, and speak back through your hippotech account.


I have also used a tiny installable program, that allows your avie to rez inworld, and have another avi contol it through voice chat, but the system allows for chat as well.   http://www.metabolt.net/


on my cell phone there is an app: lumiya it has FULL control over your SL life.  it has visual, inventory, and the entire people section of the SL viewer.  (PS i run an old andriod... 2.something, and it works fine.


I am unaware of any web based all inclusive web based chat possabilites, other than stuff I have developed.... which basically implements a web based chat room, and a special gadget in SL that has access to that same chat room.

see my device in the Galifry Mall: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gallifrey/150/87/69


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1729 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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