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SEEKING DJ's, Performers - Dante's Inferno Whorehouse - SEEKING EVENT HOSTS + EXOTIC DANCERS

Nacho Shilling

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Dante's Inferno Whorehouse is a classy, yet grunge-inspired venue newly opened on Second Life. The club itself is an exact replica of the whorehouse from Tim Burton's Beetlejuice on the outside with an expensive, well-put-together interior. The interior itself is very attractive toward stoners and ultimately feels like a rich stoner's hangout. There are MANY places in the venue to lounge and even more to keep yourself busy, including fully functioning poker and pool tables.

We're currently looking to hire DJ's, event hosts, exotic dancers, escorts, and anyone who believes they can help further the development of our club, ultimately keeping us up and running.

           List of Popular Features

  • Fully Functioning Texas Holdem Poker Tables (6 Players Each)
  • Fully Functioning Pool Table (2 Players)
  • EZ Post It Board (Accessible by Group Members)
  • DJ/Event Host Schedule Board (Accessible by Group Members)
  • Three Floors of Entertainment
  • Beetlejuice-esque Exterior (Astroturf ground)
  • Several Single & Dual Stripper Poles (With unique animations)
  • Live Performance Stage (Located ontop of the highest point on the roof)
  • DJ Booth With Mixing Animation (Located on balcony)
  • Two Sploders (One indoors and one outside)
  • Couple Dance Ball (One indoors and one outside)
  • Dance Disco Ball (Loaded with custom breakdances and other dances)
  • Several VERY uniquie lounge chairs (Marijuana leaf, Cadillac Trunk, Cuddle Beanbags)
  • Multi-Hose Hookah (Fits a total of ten people and adds hoses accordingly)
  • Also own a functioning event board, though it is not currently on display
  • Also own tip jars that can be provided to all staff members in need
  • Also own a 50 client high quality ShoutCast stream that can be provided to staff
  • There's a DONATION METER infront of the club, our weekly goal is L$2500 to keep it running!

Some spiffy images of the club below, I think it's safe to note however it's not the same as actually visiting in-game. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bla%20Bheinn/70/34/2500/?img=http%3A//community.secondlife.com/t5/image/serverpage/image-id/83837iA6B25C3C2E771ED1/image-size/small%3Fv%3Dmpbl-1%26px%3D-1&title=Dante%27s%20Inferno%20Whorehouse&msg=Poker%2C%20pool%2C%20live%20music%20and%20exotic%20dancers!%20Replice%20of%20Beetlejuice%27s%20whorehouse.



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Stores now added. Well, tents actually - each are 150 prims for L$450 a week, if you're interested, come on down! They're gonna go pretty fast. All costs fund the sim directly and the expansion of our project. There are also large-medium adboards available for L$50 a week for people interested in promoting for a cheaper cost.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4380 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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