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Guidance needed, please. HTTP: request

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 hi folks,  I have a project that I am presently working on, and need some guidance please.

Firstly I want to say if you can post links to recommended learning pages or offer commented examples, that would be wonderful, as I have Goggled and Wiki'd  (seems a lot now) over the last  days  in search of info,  A)  I got it, but seemed to not answer my thoughts on what I have to do, or B)  seemed way over my understanding,  I could not find the middle ground, with  SL to off world communication.

What I try and do.:   I would like to Start a MetaBolt scripted AV,  via a in world script.  Now I get the HTTP/:  of sending the message, I can't though, join the dots between sending the message and starting a  .BAT file.

( I  intend to  run from my computer while I work on this, so no external server at moment- also I don't think I will use it often enough too require a Server, I'll just take the bandwidth hit..)

once this project sorted and my confidence grows I would like too  create a data base using SQL(that's down the track though, as I only a little way into the SQL and PHP  manuals/books).

Thanks in advance, for your advice


oops! sorry,  I should explain what I kind of picture or understand as the steps involved,

1. send the request (LSL script HTTP: ).

2. I will need a  program listening to the port on my computer, for  a trigger(password and trigger string) most prolly a little .exe file  in C#.

3. the .exe file  triggers/runs  the BAT file.

4. send a responce back too the LSL script, to complete the   HTTP: .


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An application listening for remote queries and then doing something when same are received is generally called a server. I could've probably helped you with making a simple server to your specification on Linux/Unix machine but I've no idea how to do it on Windows <don't do windows :) >. I don't even know if there is a sufficient shell on windows to run a batch file you would need.

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The steps you describe are most likely exactly what you have to do. To run a batch file though a c# programm would be easy - something like: 


as far as the little http-call-listener is concerned - that shouldn't be much harder to do. Just google for examples and libraries - I'm sure. you'll find tons of them.

However - you issue is not a scripting issue - but a windows programming issue - so looking for a forum focussed on this seems more promising to me then asking in a LSL forum.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3220 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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