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Scarlet Chandler


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Help me not to have to abandon this land....... Marked down to $L1 /m

Due to Real.  I must take a break.  The land below is PRIME Waterfront Lant... I know it can sell for more than $1L.I just dont have the time.... Please take a look.

If you are interested.I will mark to sell to you directly..Contact me inworld or leave message here.

Scarlet Chandler

Incredible!!  Prime Ocean Front 24,576 sqm and 5626 prims. Located on established Nautical Nuggy  sim.

Gently sloping land to a 100m wide beach. An incredible piece of propety at an INCREDIBLE price for prime oceanfront. This UNIQUE Parcel of land can be teraformed to be land or all water....Very versatile.  Great views and an impressive sunset.



For Sale! This Unique 11,920 meters, supports 2728 prim usage. It is located next to (Linden Road and Linden  protected land!!!.) Gently sloping land to a  80 m wide beautiful beach front and water.

For some that do not know the Linden Road in this region is fully working and being upgraded..means you can "ride the roads" or buy one of the many vehicals running the LL script to follow.You can always rezz your own vehicle to drive..



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