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Hello,my name in world is ludovic takashi.Start playing SL in 2005 as ( ludovic.bigbear ) after 3 years i canceled the account,then i came back in 2010 as ( takashi.scorpio ) with only one connection the account was closed.
I come back in 2012,i found that many things are changed in SL,people too,now it's not easy to make friends,the most of them ignore you because they think that you are an Alt or a new resident or other unknown reason,maybe is just me who doesn't have the chance to talk to the right persons.
I saw the forum and this section and i'm trying my chance,perhaps i will be lucky and nice people will contact me in world and be my friends.
Thank you.

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Welcome back!

You know, went through the same hassle about canceling account and then getting it back, just because I didn't want to start a new one. It is awesome that LL can reopen your old name!

Hope you will love SL this time around! If you still need any friends to chat with, hit me up, Diasonia Stransky in SL.

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