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What is the best way to get the most money from selling L$?

Aiden Rives
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Edit: Change topic since the origial question is answered.


How can I get the most from selling my L$?

Best rates?

best method?

How much to sell at a time?


Can't find any new info on this. Google comes up with info from years ago which not relevant now since the rates are different.




Original question (nevermind this, my mistake)

Hi all,

I'm looking to sell some lindens and I found Moneyslex ( http://moneyslex.com/index.php?lang=en)

They have better rates than lindex.

Is it safe to sell lindens on this website?

Anyone have any experience selling lindens on Moneyslex?

Are there other safe sites to sell lindens with better rates?


What's the best way to get the most of my lindens?

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edit: wait I'm not sure now. Yea I saw it wrongly.


Anyway. I tried to sell it on Lindex limit sell at L$247 for US$1 but it wouldn't sell for 3days already?

Isn't 247 the standard buy rate now? How long does it take?

Is it possible to limit sell at a better rate? like L$220/US$1?

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I would think it would be safe, but I can't say either way.

Amethyst is right. LL has a better exchange rate.

L$25000 purchased on moneyslex.com = 115.52 USD

L$25000 purchased on LindeX = 101.11 USD


L$25000 sold on moneyslex.com = 78.30 USD

L$25000 sold on LindeX = 93.76 USD

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Aiden Rives wrote:

Is it possible to limit sell at a better rate? like L$220/US$1?

These are the current Open Sell Orders at the Best 20 Rates. Note that the "best" (Edit: last listed, not first) is the best for the seller and not the buyer. The "best" will consequently sit the longest.

Exchange Rate     Total Remaining Quantity

L$247 / US$1.00     L$141,670,858

L$246 / US$1.00     L$19,214,719

L$245 / US$1.00     L$2,921,733

L$244 / US$1.00     L$166,345

L$243 / US$1.00     L$83,380

L$242 / US$1.00     L$472,998

L$241 / US$1.00     L$747,463

L$240 / US$1.00     L$2,255,867

L$239 / US$1.00     L$224,270

L$238 / US$1.00     L$311,000

L$237 / US$1.00     L$55,000

L$236 / US$1.00     L$30,633

L$235 / US$1.00     L$708,189

L$233 / US$1.00     L$100,000

L$232 / US$1.00     L$90,000

L$231 / US$1.00     L$3,772

L$230 / US$1.00     L$898,310

L$229 / US$1.00     L$46,012

L$228 / US$1.00     L$63,899

L$227 / US$1.00     L$64,309


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Aiden Rives wrote:

Isn't 247 the standard buy rate now? How long does it take?


I was answering your question about the buy rate.  To get that I went to my dashboard >buyL$ and then clicked Advanced.  The current no limit buy rate is displayed in the area where you can buy immediately.

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Yea, I limit sell it for L$247/US$1 but it's been 3 days. 

Is it even possible sell at L$227/US$1? I know you can limit it to 227 but will it actually get sold or people just end up cancelling the order cause it can't sell?

I'm interested in getting more US$for lower L$. I don't mind waiting a month or two if it's actually possible at L$227/US$1.

Anyone ever sold any linden for L$227/US$1?

How long did it take?

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The way the curve looks, there's half a million dollars of real money, tied up waiting for the L$ to slump.

It's a heck of a barrier against a run on the L$, and I wouldn't care to guess whether it is money from Residents or money from Linden Lab.

The advantage from third party L$ exchanges can come if you're outside the USA. It depends on the currency conversion charges. If, for instance, they're in Europe and have a thriving two-way traffic in EUR, it's the difference they have to convert to USD, not every transaction. Frankly, I think real world transaction charges make the Linden Lab charges almost irrelevant.

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Just camp like here http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hydrangea/132/75/91  or here http://slurl.com/secondlife/Torino%20Italy/225/50/91 use camp bot LL isnt doing anything about them anylonger..  I've posted this on many gaming sites now. Get some good camp bots set them to camp then cash out for 5000 Ls per week min that should be more or less then $20 USD iots pretty simple.. btw the owners of BOTH sims use massive camp bots also.

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Just like the RL money market, the exchange rate you get can change not only by the site you use but also the by the law of supply and demand.   The exchange rates fluctuate all the time,so really no one can tell you where the best rate is at any given moment, that is something you will have to check on yourself.

As far as limit buys, I suspect that if you looking for more than the going rate your going to wait a long time until the going rate matches your offer.  If I were buying L's I am going to go for the best rate I can get. I'd be foolish to buy at 227/1. In the almost six years I've been in SL it has been is a rare occurrence when the going rate is that low. You would do better to sell for the highest you can get and put the money in a RL investment or interest bearing account rather than letting it sit earning nothing for weeks or months waiting for the goose to lay the golden egg.

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As you were advised - check all affilated 3rd party exchanges from the LL list, compare it to LindeX and find the best offer.

You can also behave as LS exchange and sell your LS to other resident, 'eating' the spread but the problem is to find a person who trusts you enough to pay.

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