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Viewer keeps crashing?

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Those are pretty OK specs for a machine to run Second Life.  Sure, you could upgrade to better, but you should not be crashing with what you have now.  So, it'd be better to find the problem and fix it rather than upgrade and hope that makes it go away.

When you crash, what thing(s) happen?  Does SL just close?  Do you get an error message ("You have been logged out of Second Life")?  Does the entire computer shut down, or shut down and then restart?

Some things to look at:

  • Are you using WiFi to connect your computer to your local network?  If so, try using an Ethernet cable instead.
  • Do you have Satellite internet, or are you using a wireless service provider (4G, 5G)?  If so, try switching to a service that uses fiber optics or cable.
  • Run a diagnostic to see how your local network is performing.
  • Are you running a lot of other stuff in the background?  Don't do that.
  • Run some diagnostics to see how your computer is performing.  Pay special attention to temperatures.  Your CPU should not be running much hotter than 60 C, and your graphics card should run under 90 C. 
  • Open the case, check to see all cooling fans are running.  Turn off the system and use compressed air to blow out the dust.  Clean any dust filters.
  • Check the things in this piece by Nalates Urriah:  http://blog.nalates.net/2011/10/26/troubleshoot-your-sl-connection/


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