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Wanted ::: ♥ Babysitter / Nanny ♥

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We are currently seeking a reliable Babysitter or Nanny with a flexible and willing schedule. She would be welcome to live in our home, but if she does not wish to that is alright as well. We have 3 children, all girls, they range from 6-7 year's old. We are planning on expanding our family even more. This Nanny/Babysitter would have to be very willing, meaning, if I send an IM "Hey I have to run can you watch the kids!?" your already teleporting to my home. However we do have some requirements. But we are very open minded about the pay/salary.

✔ You must be a good emoter. ✔

✔ You must be kind and gentle ✔

✔ You must be friendly and experienced with being in a children based environment ✔

✔ You must have a flexible schedule and be online often ✔

✔ You must be responsible ✔


Here is what you will mostly be doing.

❤ Watching movie(s) and TV shows with the children ❤

❤ Playing games or with toys with the children 

❤ Picking the kid's up from daycare/school (not all the time)  

❤ Monitoring the children and making sure they behave and do their chores and follow the house rules. 




We'd prefer to pay per day. So.. If you can figure out a schedule, we are open minded to hear it and let you know if it's what we'll be doing or if it's unreasonable.


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Hello My Name is deluxegal923 Northman ,I am very interested in applying for the position of nanny for your 3 children. While I have spent little time interacting with children in second life I have extensive experience in dealing with them in my FL/RL having raised 3 of my own and many who for 1 reason or another have ended up in my care. I am available almost every day between 5am SLT-11pm SLT and believe that would cover most of your needs.

I am friendly outgoing hardworking and reliable.I will be happy to furnish you with references from past employers and fellow residents who have known me almost since my rezz date of 11/6/2010.

I would welcome the chance to speak to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your consideration.

deluxegal923 Northman

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 looking for an Job as an Babysitter, I love watching them play and grow up to be an good person ,im willing to homeschool


                                           Babysitter- 10Ls




             My name is Julianna E. Landerson (Mckenna4cute)

*Follow me with an Im if u need me*

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