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Anetta Larsson

Recommendations for best skin?

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Hi, I am looking to update my skin and I wondered what people thought they could recommend - I know a few 'good' skin shops, but I am always eager to learn about more, who knows, maybe there is a gem hidden away somewhere that just needs a little more exposure!

So people, what skins can you recommend as being the 'best'? In terms of the best, I am interested in the most beautiful/sexy face, and beautiful sexy body. Of course, I am only looking for female skins (slap me for not mentioning this in my original post!) Any Ideas?

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I'm VERY PARTIAL toards Lyrical Oh, who in my opinion has no equal. That's the avatar name of the shop owner - I always forget the name of his shop.


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Here is a list I have compiled from the past posts. I have not shopped at most of these and I'm not sure if they are all still around but they have all been recommended.


Al Vulo
BND Bird Next Door
Chain and Vine
Dr Life
Dream Ink
Dutch Touch
Eye Candi
Fashionably Dead
Fierce Body Boutique
Lara Hurley
LS Lyrical Store
Mango Mango
May Shop
My Dear Skin
My Ugly Dorothy
Natural Beauty
Nylon Outfitters
Plausible Body
T&T Design
The Body Co
Tres Blah
Tuty's Mr. S
Ylang Ylang
YS & YS Your Skins & Your Shape

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But all those shops were actually recommended by residents in the previous similar threads I guess and it's not a complete list. lol

Since you said you wanted to find hidden gems, you may want to eliminate famous shops from the list and check the rest one by one. :)

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you may want to double check the hush one on there..

i can't really say why here..but you can see over at slu..

it's a thread at about 35 pages now..if you haven't seen it yet..

how the thread starts off is not how it turns out actually..

it's hard to say much here really without breaking the TOS

but it's a pretty crazy thing..

i would link the thread .but not sure if it's allowed..


i'll just say part of the title hehehe

copyright (something) skins


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head on down to these three places


The Dressing Room

The Dressing Room Blue.


check out the glam affair, atomic & illusory skins there.  I wear them a LOT.  they are so pretty.  they are usually 1k per skin but at these events under 100L for special makeup on the same sets.  can't beat the price!


Atomic Skin

This is atomic

This is glam affair



You might also want to head out to Al Vulo, as they give away a free skin a month and joining the group is free.


this months free gift

al vulo

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Anahata's recommendations certainly look great!

Al Vulo would also get a recommendation from me - I'm still pretty new, and they're an excellent place to start off with if you're stilll finding your niche in second life. 

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I love Curio, though I'm not sure if the problems with someone copying her skins and then accusing her of being the infringer have been resolved as yet. She has lovely skins with amazing attention to detail and when you buy a particular makeup set ypou get ALL the makeups in every color with or w/o freckles.  Thats like 96 skins for 3k..best steal on the grid as far as skins are concerned.

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from my understanding they are rebuilding the sim and will be back.. =)


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I do not speak English, and I write my preferences via translator. There are stores known for their good skin (Beauty, Redgrave, Glam, Press and others).

But searching and searching I found very good jobs in lesser known designers:

Mother Goose's: Japanese, their skin tend to be light-skinned, but this can be fixed easily with makeup. It is also remarkable for its lucky letter being good skin jobs.

Skinnery: this is one of my favorites today. They have natural texture, not as artificial as the satin smooth. Freckles. Although their prices are high.

Well, I will explain the two are better known, Al Vulo, I love your style thick eyebrows, nose job and ways to mouth. And Jesylilo presenting an alternative style very well designed.

I emphasize here that three of the designers mentioned here, have a spirit of community. Al Vulo, Jesylilo and Mother, placed every month gifts, of very good quality. It is the same with most stores "prestige" and have continued to repeat the same style, same mouth, same eyes and makeup.



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You're the BOMB!

So far your recommandation Nikita Jefferson is the best, these seem to be the most natural looking shapes and skins.

I've gotton SO tired of seeing the shapes and skins with the BLOATED DEFORMED BOTOX LIPS, that its very refreshing to see a truly natural avatar skin / shape.

I have been researching skins for my wife as she would like to improve her avatar. I will definately point her too S&N ADORABLE SKINS. Thank you so much for your informative recommendation. Blacky Braham

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