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Hosting a Region on your own server?

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buubbleguum Emerald wrote:

Is there a way, or will there be a way in the future to host a region on your own server, so that you do not have to pay to rent their server.

The reason it's a NO is because they want you to pay.  It's called a "revenue stream" and it's how LL gets its money in order to develop and maintain SL.

No money...no SL

Others have provided other detail but remember that those offerings only exist because the simulator code was reverse engineered from LL.

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Monti Messmer wrote:

No chance to copy your whole inventory over to opensim.

Full perm items like prim builds can be exported then imported, notecards, textures... but thats only a little part of your inventory.


While an item with "Full Permissions" in Second Life *can* be imported into other grids, the polite thing to do is to contact the object creator first.  Most of them will allow you to export their items, some of them won't.  


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