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DJ's and Hosts Wanted

Kasha Moonwall
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Remix 6ix Dance Club is currently looking for new staff.  The club has only been only for a few weeks and already shows a high traffic and awesome VIP's.  We are looking for reliable people who are mature, responsible and know their craft.  Staff are asked to bring in their own tip jars, we found it to be more personal and ensures each staff member recieves 100% of their tips.  Applicants will be interviewed and then put on trail period to ensure they fit well with staff and associate with VIP's.  DJ applicants are asked to have their stream URL equipped with three tracks and mic is perferred.

About the Club:

The club has two main areas for events, an indoor club and an outside beach area.  The managers are currently planning a Summer Break event with up to 10,000L on the board.  Headline DJ's include DJ Mouse and DJane Kasha.  Our motto is that real life is stressful so your second life should be fun and crazy, we provide that.

DJ requirements:

We are ONLY looking for DJ's that play Dance, Electro, Dub, Techno, House and/or Trance.  DJ's must have own tip jar and their own stream.  Mic is perferred but not requested as long as interaction is done with VIP's.

Host requirements:

We are looking for Host/Hostesses that are upbeat and fun.  Hosts will be responsible for sending notices, sending tag requests and handling the Event board.  We want real interaction with VIP's so no emoters.  Some of our DJ's are crazy while doing their sets, so we need Hosts that can keep up and take cues from the DJ for VIP interaction.

Please visit our club and if interested on joining our family, please take an application from the Application Box outside the club and submit to:

DJ's: virgil1212 Resident or Kasha Moonwall

Hosts: Bella Heart or Nawty Moonite



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Hi! Im intrested in the DJ position. I have my own stream and can play any style of music and do requests. I Have a mic and enjoy interacting with the crowds. I use SAM broadcaster and have a 50 person stream.  Please contact me for an audition!

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