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HELP! Rigged Mesh Sleeves go Jagged when Worn

jada Tigerpaw

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Hi everyone, I've been working on a project for a few days and am having some issues with the shape once it's been rigged and worn.

In Zbrush & Blender, the shape looks perfect.. Exactly how I'd like it. Then when I export it and bring it into SL, IF I wear it, the shape of the sleeves become jagged and very sloppy looking. If I just rez the shirt on the ground, it stays looking nice. Which.. Makes me think there's something going on with the Rigging that I'm doing wrong.

Does anyone happen to know why it would be creating this problem? It's super frustrating and something I really need to learn how to fix!

TY so much in advance.

Girly Tee Jagged Sleeves Zbrush Render.jpgIn World Non Rigged Girly Tee Jagged Sleeves.jpgIn World Rigged Girly Tee Jagged Sleeves.jpg

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Thanks so much for the response! I created the mesh based around my custom shape in Zbrush (not the system avatar) so.. I'm not sure if that's what it would be.

I'm hoping to be able to make this so that everyone can use their AOs with it and not make it jagged... But that makes sense, I wonder if it's because I create the shirt on an avatar with the standard pose.. arms outstretched to the side?

thanks again.. guess it's back to square one. -.-

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It is fully understandable that you use your inworld shape as model for your clothing. But that does not work as smoothely as you might expect. The problem is that some of the Shape sliders actually influence the mesh shape too. Let me try to "unwrap" the problem:


  1. Your character model in your editor is based on your shape.
  2. Hence your garment model in the editor is also based on your shape
  3. Now when you wear your garment in SL, it again gets influenced by the shape sliders, thus it stretches or shrinks similar (but not exactly) like the default avatar does (see below).
  4. But according to 2.) you did already "apply your shape" in your editor. Now Second Life does it again.
  5. Hence your shape values get applied twice: Once by yourself in the editor, once by Second Life when worn.


So in fact you would have to calculate "how must i stretch/shrink my garment such that it fits exactly when the shape sliders get applied". Doing that manually is all but trivial.

You can get partially around that problem by using the default shape as your model. But even that does not work fully, because not all shape sliders influence the mesh. Actually only bone length changes are propagated to the Mesh.

And that is IMHO the big problem which hopefully will be solved when the mesh deformer gets available. Then it makes a lot more sense to create clothes for the default avatar. Because then the attachment will change its shape correctly with the Avatar and might again "fit all sizes".

One better workaround could be:


  • Find out which shape sliders only influence the bone lengthes.
  • Reset these sliders to their default values
  • Then use this modified shape as your working character model.

This certainly fails for shape sliders which modify bone length and Morph Shapes, but well, maybe it works for your particular shape.

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That makes sense about the custom avatar.. I'll just have to start going with system shapes for now, I suppose. Thankfully I created the shirt first off of a system avatar and then modded it to fit my custom av later on so can easily go back and try to get it to work with that.

Thanks for the tips, advice & detailed explanation. I've realized in the past couple days I have so much more to learn about Mesh.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3030 days.

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