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They scan for victims-but I am not on their list?

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I frequent a few of the adult worlds where its possible to scan for victims. I have been told that my name never appears on the scanners list.

Just wondering why is this and how do I rectify it. DO I need to wear a collar or what?

Thanks you very much for all your help.


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Talk about vague!

I'm going to have a wild guess that you're referring to "them" using an "RLV relay scanner".  If that's the case then you need to activate RLV in the viewer and wear a relay although a relay is not a requirement in order to use RLV scripted items.

Some collars include relay functionality as do other items that aren't so "collarish".

Also, the region type has nothing to do with it but that's just an aside.

Further, you'd need to define "victim" as I prefer to think of them as consensual play partners which is somewhat different in mindset.  A victim to me is something different.

If the above means little, Goggle RLV (restrained love viewer) and that will give more of an insight.

Footnote: RLV functionality is NOT a feature in the standard LL viewer, you need a third party viewer.  For a list of third party viewers, see the Third Party Viewer directory.

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Phoenix' version of RLVa hasn't been updated for a long time, and I doubt it will be again.   While most RLV/RLVa commands still work with it, I'd suggest using a viewer that keeps its RLV/RLVa updated.

Marine Kelley and Kitty Barnett, who develop RLV and RLVa respectively, both make their own viewers, RLV and Catznip.   Firestorm uses RLVa and keeps pretty much up-to-date, as do Niran's and Exodus.  Dolphin uses RLV and so does Cool VL, if you prefer the old V1-style viewer (though, under the hood, Cool VL keeps very much up-to-date with the latest V3 features).  

If you want to use Phoenix for other reasons, too, then fine, but if you want to use a TPV primarily because you want RLV it wouldn't be my suggestion -- give Firestorm a try, at least.


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