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Hiring DJ's, Hosts and Dancers!

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Midnight Sinners Dance club & Erotica on the Beach is NOW hiring DJ's, Hosts and Dancers to join our team at our lovely New club! We are a beach style resort with much to offer. Situated on beach front property at nearly 1/2 a Sim which includes our famous "Hawt" house fully fitted with the highest quality items for your pleasure! Our Dance club is faceted with the latest tech in SL, with our spacious dance floor an gorgeous beach front view! We aim to be a high quality low lag adult club to suit many tastes alike! Come join our Team!



We have many venue openings for live DJ's, DJ's recieve 90% of tips collected. Any genre of music is fine, as long as it is dance style music.  We do own a stream!

Requirements for DJ's:

* Must speak English

* Must have DJ's programs and your own music

Contact eigther myself, Resident Pwnprincess or any Midnight Sinners manager in SL for an interview and audition!



We ave a few spots open for hosts during our DJ venues and special events. Hosts recieve 90% of tips earned. We are flexable with times. We accept both male and female Avatars.

Requirements & Duties for Hosts:

* Must have an Avitar that is suited to the club (Beach/dance club theme)

*Must type and understand English

*Must be friendly and pleasant

*Must greet guests and answer questions for our patrons, and encourage visitors to TP friends and join our group.

Contact myself, Resident Pwnprincess in SL or any Midnight Sinners Manager for details!



Looking for female dancers to dance at our club during DJ venues and special events! Dancers keep 90% of tips earned.

Dancer requirements:

*Must have a hight quality Avatar and club style clothes to match our resort.

*Must be friendly to guests

*Please NO BOTS

For more information please contact Residnt Pwnprincess or any Midnight Sinners Manager in SL.


If you have any questions or intrests, please come visit Midnight Sinners in SL and contact a Manager on duty.


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If you still have DJ positions available, I would like to fill out an application, or get more information on how to sign up. Please let me know.





Booking Info:


Sample Mixes: 


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