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Epsilon Mabellon

I have accidentally attached my entire inventory, what do I do?


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This is a known problem. The fix is simple enough. The cause is a bit strange, at least to me.

Thanks to the Firestorm-Phoenix wiki: wearing_entire_inventory and the SL JIRA we have a fix.

To fix it: right-click your avatar and select My Appearance (SL Viewer). In My Outfits find the Current Outfit. Click the folder and select Remove Outfit or Take Off. This should correct the problem. It may take some time, like really long time, for all the objects to be removed, be patient.

Alternate fix: again in My Appearance -> My Outfits find the outfit you are wearing. Select everything in the Outfit’s folder and delete it. In My Appearance there are only LINKS. So, this is not deleting actual items. This can take time, be patient. Now relog.

The long fix for when the others fail:

  • Find a deserted area; Hippo Hollow, Pooley, or Furball. You need a place with no people and as empty of stuff as possible.
  • Now make a new Outfit folder. This can be trick, if you have only used Appearance to make outfits. Open Inventory using the suitcase icon in the main viewport. Find the special My Outfits folder and expand it. Right-click My Outfits and create a new folder named !!nude or whatever you like as long as it starts with !!. The double exclamation marks will hopefully force it to sort to the top of the folders list.
  • Add your shape, skin, and if you want pants and a top into the folder. Keep it to a minimum. DO NOT move any prims into the folder. No sculpty clothing. No mesh clothing. Keep it simple.
  • Now right-click the newly made outfit’s folder and click Replace Outfit. It has to be REPLACE. No other choice is going to work. This is going to take some time. Be patient.
  • Once the outfit change completes, relog. Use Last Location when you login to return to whichever deserted region you chose. If you do not have a choice of login locations when logging in, open Preferences (Ctrl-P) and in the General tab enable: Start Location – Show at Login.
  • Once logged in, make sure you are wearing only the things you added to the new outfit. If by some quirk of fate that does not work, repeat these steps in a different deserted region and allow more time after the outfit replace.

Avoiding reoccurrences of the problem is next.

We know the cause of the problem. It is a bad click… you goofed… BUT it’s not your fault. There is a nasty gotcha. When you click to select an outfit and then go to click ‘wear’ or ‘replace outfit’ something happens. If a friend logs in or out, inventory updates the status in Calling Cards. If you are watching close, there is no reason to watch close, you will see the select focus change from the single outfit you selected to the whole freaking inventory. This is a BUG.

Now the instruction to wear all has been sent to the server. It will add inventory items until the avatar is full. If you take stuff off, on the next login it starts putting on all the stuff it didn’t get to last time. The process repeats unless you follow the steps above.

We know the problem is server side. So, cache clearing and clean installs are no help. Once you have the problem you have the problem. Changing from viewer to viewer does not correct the problem. It may seem aggravate the problem if you go from viewer to viewer. 

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