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Next Marketplace Banner and New Categories

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Parrish Ashbourne wrote:

Looking at the new categories for Structures, I like the idea of more categories, but I think they could be done with less layer, many of the new categories add a layer for just 2 choices, there is room just to list them all at one time in many cases.  

The main list of categories is one that doesn't have a lot of room to play with but there are a few changes there that I think would help.

     Move "Everything Else" in to the "Miscellaneous " category.

     The category for "XstreetXL" can go soon to make more room.

     Combine Mainland and Private Islands in to a single land Category

  •                   Mainland Parcel sales
  •                   Mainland Rentals
  •                   Island Transfers
  •                   Full Island Rentals
  •                   Homestead Rentals
  •                   Island Parcel Residential Rentals
  •                   Island Parcel Commercial Rentals

That should make room to move Structures out of building component, and may be change the name to Finished Structures

      Finished Structures
  •               Commercial/Office Buildings
  •               Commercial/Bars & Restaurants
  •               Residential/Single Family Houses
  •               Residential/Multi Family Buildings
  •               Off Sim Builds
    Multi-purpose Structures
  •               Other Structures

  •               Photography Studios (102)
  •               Castles (
  •               Lighthouses (394)
  •               Bridges/Docks/Walkways
  •               Gazebo (4465)

   For residential houses I think that foot print size might be better then family size to split the category. 

Thought I'd throw this out there to get the ball rolling, just some quick ideas I had, I'm sure there's room for improvement.

Without a doubt the best layering of Land I can imagine. The current structure of looking under 'private islands' for land when that term for estate land is hopelessly out of date has to be confusing for new residents. 'Land' is what they are going to instinctively look for and I would suggest using 'estate'  or 'private estate' instead of 'island'. Many of us sell continental style land parcels that have little bearing to an 'island' and the term is terribly misleading. I otherwise strongly advocate the Land as the top category level for both mainland and estate.

For 'Finished Structures', I would suggest 'Buildings' or maybe 'Buildings - Finished'. I realize sub-categories might include things like a bridge that might or might not be considered a building, hence your choice of words, but 'Finished Structures' isn't the first thing I'd be looking for down the side, but buildings would be.... and I'd probably look in Home and Garden for small bridges as to me that would be a garden accessory not a building. I might even go so far as to say Furniture & Home Accessories as an upper category with Landscaping & Garden as another.  The Home & Garden category is HUGE.


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Bash Quandry wrote:

So there is a category dedicated to neckties but the only scifi specific category remains to be Rockets and Space Ships... I suggest that Science Fiction gets its own Community just like Furry and Steampunk. And no Fantasy does not qualify.

I agree that there needs to be some kind of Scifi or cyberpunk community listed on the market place.  I track the total number of items listed in each community group listed on the market place weekly,  I all so added scifi and steampunk to that list to see how they compared.   ( I dint use the term Science Fiction because it has mush fewer listing on the market place, as of today it's only at 2003 items)

community         12/12/2011       6/3/2012

Steampunk            16097          18720

Tiny                       12405          18145

Goth                      55175          66535

Gor                       36260          42616

Fantasy                 85886         101986

Furry                     25303         28770

Vampire                 47036        55543

Scifi                      5279          5623

Cyberpunk            3278           3572

Total Market         1938237      2104179

place items


Besides having the smallest amount if items and very little growth of new items on the market place, Scifi has other issue out side the marketplace that keep this from being a thriving community in SL.  Mostly it's seams to be just a bunch of RP Sims with no one doing much to promote the community as a whole.

All communities have some of the same problems on the market place, some worse then other.  Key word spam for community names is huge issue, not only dose it effect the individual merchants but all so the community as a whole,  for example some one new to SL that is into steampunk in RL, is not likely to get a good first imprecision  of steampunk in SL when the top 2 items listed are penises.  

Fantasy may be the largest community group, but it's mostly spam, it's like trying to find an Elf in a giant Lingerie store.  Human normal sized shapes and skin combos for a human avatar are not furry or tiny.  Glowing cyberpunk items that look like there are from Tron are not steampunk.  The list goes on and on. Communities help attract and keep people in SL, the over all diversity of communities SL is an attraction in it's self. 


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Lots of good points Charlene, I hope LL sees this, really points to the fact that, any changes to the categories need a lot of planning and feed back, not just a few quick fixes to one or 2 categories.

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