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Next Marketplace Banner and New Categories


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As of this morning, we have added several new categories to the Marketplace. Many have been requested by Merchants, and some have been added to split up very large existing categories. We’ve also created a category to support the next banner promotion.

Next Banner Promotion

The next banner promotion is for the theme “Masquerade”, which could be the following:

  • Costumes/masks for avatars
  • Avatars that may be considered “dress up” avatars
  • Decorations to support a Masquerade themed event
  • Other items related to a Masquerade themed event

If you would like to add listings to this promotion, please move them to the Celebrations/Masquerade category. We plan to launch the banner the week of May 21.

New Categories on the Marketplace

Here is a complete list of all the new categories:

  • Under Animals
    • Breedable Pets/Breedable Cats
    • Breedable Pets/Breedable Dogs
    • Breedable Pets/Breedable Horses
    • Livestock
    • Reptiles
    • Rodents
  • Under Avatar Accessories
    • Neckties
  • Under Building Components
    • Mesh Creator Tools
    • Structures/Commercial/Office Buildings
    • Structures/Commercial/Bars & Restaurants
    • Structures/Residential/Single Family Houses
    • Structures/Residential/Multi Family Buildings
    • Structures/Other Structures/Off Sim Builds
    • Structures/Other Structures/Photography Studios
  • Under Celebrations
    • Masquerade
  • Under Recreation & Entertainment
    • Sporting Goods/Camping Equipment
    • Sporting Goods/Fishing Equipment

We’ll continue to take additional category recommendations. Please add suggestions as comments to this public JIRA: WEB-2896.

[Edited May 18, 2012 to remove Meeroos from Breedable Pets and added Breedable Cats, Breedable Dogs, and Breedable Horses to this category.]

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Thank you for this announcement and also for being much clearer on the upcoming Masquerade banner and what it includes, or what it intends to include. As a merchant, this is very helpful to me. :) The categories are a help too. Thanks again!

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Can I just point out that Commerce Team Linden is communicating with us, which is what we've all been crying for for a long time. No wonder they don't want to communicate with us when all they get is every nit-picky negative thing you all can make up. There's just no pleasing most of you. It's embarassing.

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Very glad to see "Mesh Creator Tools" being added, thanks!

Have to agree about the "Meeroos" thing... isn't that a tad inappropriate as it's a Brand Name?

Thanks for the update.  Added my request for "Furniture > Neko Furniture" and "Furniture > Petite Furniture" to the JIRA. :)



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Actually, getting any kind of feed back is very valuable to any software developement team. And to any company which produces anything or performs any service. This kind of feedback is just par for the course and it's up to Linden Labs to determine which feedback they consider to be valuable and what is just a lot of over blown whining.

Thats why I gave a suggestion for the next banner compaign. Being a Software Quality Assurance Engineer myself,  I can see lots of valuable feedback in these posts. From emotional responses to compliments to suggestions on improvements. This here forum is a goldmine I tell  ya!  A goooold mine!

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Canis Baxton wrote:

Masquerade?  Why not something relevent like "The Great Out Doors" or "Picnics" Or "Beaches" since it is summer now? LL seems to stick with the northern Hemisphere seasons so I'd like to suggest something of that nature for July


Have to agree... Masquerade seems so... Mardi Gras/Spring-ish ^^ We already done did that, right?

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Why?  After all these years it's been my experience that LL just goes on it's merry way willy nilly with whatever they decide.  I do get a little bothered when I see the gratutious statement regarding listening to their customers which is obviously NOT the case.

Most of these categories should follow a 'logical' path.  Not only that, but there should be an outline on how this is being done.  Take animals for example....you have catgegories for a variety of animals, then you have a category called 'scripted animals'.   This is not logical - if you are going to have a product that fits into more than one category (will most def happen in this instance) which category does the merchant choose? 

You have merchants having items de-listed because another believes it is in the wrong category - isn't this going to make this even more tedious to police?

A perfect example has already been mentioned  -  a structure is NOT a building component.

Just as a Meeroo is not a 'breedable' but a 'brand name'.   This is unfair & biased & should be changed immediately in all fairness to all those other breedable creators out there.


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I'm sorry. The 'gratuitous' statement about them listening to their customers was in reference to giving us information about changes and being very specific with this new banner program because there were a lot of complaints on the forums for how vague the description was for 'Madstyle'. They also answered the issue with keyword spam for that banner program by asking us to place our Masquerade products in the Masquerade category instead of simply using the keyword. Again, this was a huge concern in the forums. I stand by my statement that the lindens are listening to us in this regard.

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Still not the point, Meeroo is a brandname and having it as a category title singles it out even further, but in agreement with what you said, im sure meeroo's havent had any contact with LL, its their doing, but it is not ethical to have a brandname as a category title, because otherwise they would have to do it for all the others and not just one.

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Just looking at this thread, all I can say is that I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.

This thread is exactly how I have always imagined I would want CTL to interact with merchants if I were in charge.

No one gets everything right the first time, and I have never really cared about that.

But see how quickly and effectively CTL has already hit the Meroo thing.

I know that a lot of people have varying ideas about me having some kind of grudge against Brooke.

Being that as it is, please feel free to quote me when I say that if it's not Brooke working this thread, I guess that's OK, too, but I'd really like to believe it's Brooke. 


Also considering what everyone knows I think about "madstyle", I'd like to add that "masquerade" works just fine with me in terms of being brand-neutral.

OTOH... I do have some masks...

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4358 days.

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