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what house can i put on a 1536 sim

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A sim is 256m x 256m (65,536sqm).  I assume you mean you've bought a 1,536sqm parcel of land?  That would be just over 39m x 39m if it's square-ish.  That's not huge for a house but it is pretty big.  Look on the marketplace or shop in-world for house-builders, they will be thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, that fit that area.

If the parcel isn't square (ish) you'll need to make your requirements clearer.

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You could also rez a prim in the land and size it to fit the lot the way you want. Then use it as a footprint for your home.(in case its not square  ish)

Some homes come with a demo footprint too, very handy.


https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/4025  these have demo footprints you can rez  to see if the house will fit.


Just some examples of builders I know of :)


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