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Azaiya Aeon

Clothing made in ZBrush…

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I'd be grateful for any ideas you all have on this, maybe I'm missing something?

I created a shirt in Zbrush (from the ruth avatar,) but I extracted the shirt to a separate ztool and did detailed scuplting there.

My idea was to do my sculpting, then project the shirt back onto the base mesh using ZappLink, then touch up the exported UVs from the avatar mesh.

when projecting, i masked parts of the body that would get in the way (feet, legs, head, etc.)

My results were less than great! The transfers have lots of overlap and unwanted ghosting, basically making it unusable.ff

Any more experienced users have any suggestions to offer? :matte-motes-frown:



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There's probably a few different ways to approach the problem. But one thing you could try is:

Intead of using zapplink to transfer the color information from the extract to the avatar mesh, use the Project All button in the Sub Tool palette. To do that make sure the avatar subtool is the active one, and the extract tool is also showing. Have only RGB (and not Zadd) checked at top. Before you hit the Project All button, go to the Morph Target palette and hit the StoreMT button, then hit Project All. Depending on what version of zbrush you are using, the avatar mesh might look messed up now, so go back to the Morph Target palette and hit the Switch button. 

If all went right you should have all the color detail from the extract now projected on the avatar mesh, though you might need to clean up some bits in PS still. 

Also, if you were trying to bake a material to your extract using the zapplink method, do that just to your extract first, without the avatar subtool showing. Then do the Project All method outlined above. 


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