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Any Premium Gifts in 2012? . . . contd.

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Regarding my thread . . .


Just to follow up on this and to say thank you to LL.

They just added a new item, the Premium Rail Handcar . . .

"The latest Premium-only perk is a fully interactive railcar that you can ride across more than 80 regions of the Second Life Railroad. Up to four people can ride and explore on each car!"

Get yours at any of the Premium Gifts Kiosks . . .


Thank you very much LL.



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The notecard that comes with the railcar has several landmarks of places that have rez zones.  Also if you decide that the railcar isn't the best way to travel the virtual rails you can pick up some freebie locomotives at these locations.

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oh  i love riding my horse  on those tracks..

that and the riding trails there also since Qie showed me that place...

you can ride for a long  long time on those.. =)

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Maelstrom Janus wrote:

Does the handcart have thruster rockets to ensure that when it hits a boundary crossing and takes to the air it lands safely

No, it has the soft handoff that is pretty common with SL rail stuff. Makes for less of those "flying crossings."

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