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WANTED: An Amazing Sculpt/Mesh Shop Builder

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I am wanting to pay someone for building a custom mainstore. I have vague concepts of what I want/need, but need your expertise to help it come to life. Hopefully it will lead to a partnership where I can call on you for help in the future too, & pay again for perhaps an event build for my island, or a welcome area, etc. 

I am looking for someone highly conceptual/creative, with a refined sense of style. You MUST be familiar with store design & be able to show me examples of your directly-related work.

Please take a look at the builds I site below. Take note that I am seeking ROUNDED SHAPES, BAKED TEXTURES, FULL PERM BAKED TEXTURES so I can alter the walls, floors, etc whenever I want, & MOD/COPY PERMS on the building.

I really love the style of Hydro Homes.

This store by Abiss, looks nice to me & I like the simple shelves plus the built-in poster displays.

Basically I need a store that feels real & showcases my products, easy to navigate, built-in lighting effects, displays, etc. If it can have some modular components as well, that would be good for expansions. My store style is not so serious as these builds tho. I would love for a sense of humor or quirk to be built right into the store. For instance, if you can somehow blend - dollhouse meets modern meets old meets the dreamworld with a garden in the middle. I can be more specific later!

Please send an inworld NOTECARD to me if you are interested. I have to see links, SLURL, photos, & similar builds you have done. I need an expert so please tell me how you can help me create a professional looking store that ppl love!

Or feel free to leave your links/info here.



~MiaSnow Myriam


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Hello Mia,


I could build a store for you, no problem.

I am with this alt now for inventory reasons, but I have over 5yrs of experience in SL.


Last project I builded = The Auburn University,


Check WEBSITE to see some of my buildings : 




IM Jan WIlliam t' Kint de Merode inworld (sl name : franques resident) or reply if you would like to work with me, we will agree on a fair price together then.


All the best!


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3228 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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