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SL search is broken all time - Let's build up a better search!

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The SL search is broken, as like you can see here:


or here:


or even here:


The problems with search don't appear since some weeks, they exists as long as the Second Life search.

So the idea is to build up a new and better search that simply works anytime. Anyone with ideas, free server space, web/html programmers and all others who like to join are welcome to participate. Just contact me inworld or post here.

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Personally, I agree that the search has been broken for a very long time.

What LL management seems to not understand, is that the search was a vital part of SL, until they broke it some 2 years ago, right after V2 was released. LL doesn't understand that the decline of SL corresponds directly to the changing of the search engine. Why? Because the original search ranked places properly and it was easy to find what you were looking for. The top 20 places for any search term were the top 20 places to find those items. When LL disconnected the Picks from the equation, they drastically hurt the search engine, and then totally killed the search by implementing the GSA search engine. How LL can't see the connections, I have no clue, as it is plain as day in any economical chart you could ever create from the stats. I've stated many times now, that SL will never recover unless they make a proper search for the platform, or heck, just go back and implement the old 1, before GSA. They should also fix or create a new voting system, so that the search has a way to bring resident opinions into the mix.

I have no hope at all that LL will ever see the obvious. The only real hope we all have to get a good search, is to create it ourselves. How the heck does LL think their search doesn't suck? Again, it is like they don't even use their product, or know what is good and what is bad. Most residents have given up on the inworld search engine. All LL has to look at is how many queries there were some 3 years ago, and compare that to what they get today.

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