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my club is not showing up in search while using SL viewers or Firestorm but does show in others

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Good question.  The same thing is happening to our sim. All of our groups show up, but none of our sims parcels or the main sim itself.  I had hoped this was part of the bug they fixed today but it would seem not. :/  We are submitting a help request with the concierge to find out what has happened.  We went from 3rd from the top of the page for a few listings to no where to be found.

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Try this: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Search-drives-me-crazy-Listings-never-show-up-resolved/m-p/1509867#M62595

It must show up anyhow when using a viewer under V2, old phoenix for example. If not your settings are wrong or there is an error with the sim.

Edit: Ok, don't try it, works for me neither right now. Search is simply broken! Try better this:


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