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Automatic Notification System (ANS) Launches for Direct Delivery

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Cyneswith Luik wrote:

Hi, wondering if I might get some help...

On the wiki concerning ANS for DD, it says there are some 3rd parties that offer ANS processing services. I've tried searching for these, but can't seem to find anything... could anybody advise about these?

I've been working with the iGlom Redelivery System. It processes the ANS transactions and keeps a complete record of all sales. There are various reporting options. It will optionally email or IM you on each sale. If you have your own server set up for ANS, iGlom will process the sale and add it to its database, and then pass the notification on to your own server for further processing if you want. I use that option.

Search for "iGlom" in the market.

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Hello! i had a shop too and i had magic box. i had some fails but i had fix them . i changed to direct delivery and in one day i had 30 failed deliveries. I delete them all and i put again all my items and we will see in the future.. bless us god!!!!


I have heared that in the future they will stop the magic boxes and we will use only the direct delivery.... if this information is wrong.. inform me to put my market magic box back to work!


I use firestorm and i do not want to change viewer :/// maybe firestorm do not support 100% the direct delivery...

so the magic box note me for every transaction every day.. so i want to ask what i have to put in ANS. I mean.... it shows me in the page this message -> 

Automatic Notifications ANS:

For more information on ANS, please see the Knowledge Base.


Notification URL:_____________________________________




what url i must put? please give me an example and dont paste me the site with informations.. i cannot find solution and i cannot understand excactly what it says :) thank you 

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The ANS is optional. You don't need it to sell using Direct Delivery.

To use Direct Delivery, you must use the latest version of Firestorm and upload your products using the Merchant Outbox. Take the product boxes out of your Magic Boxes then upload them using the Merchant Outbox. They should automatically change from Magic Box to Direct Delivery.

That's the "simple" instructions. You really should read the Knowledge Base on Direct Delivery to understand it fully. It is NOT complicated at all. You just have to read it carefully and follow their instructions. If English is not your first language, you may be able to find someone that can help you understand it better .. or you might find there is a version of the instructions in your native language.

Best of luck. Most people are confused at first but quickly figure it out. I'm sure you'll figure it out too. :)

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When you Edit a Product, near the top of the page, at the very top of the "Language Block" just above where you type in the Item Title ... there is a button named "Edit associated object". Just above the button is the SL object name.

Make sure that the SL object name shows the name of the thing you uploaded using the Merchant Outbox. If the SL object name shows the wrong name, click the "Edit associated object" button. A new window will open. Pick the correct thing from the list that shows up in the new window. You might have to use "Search" to find the right thing you uploaded, but if you have two things with the same name, always pick the one with the newest date.

Everything listed in the new window will also have a date that shows when it was uploaded. If two of them have the same name then make sure you pick the one with the newest most recent date. You will sometimes get two things with the same name if you upload something .. then change it and upload it again. So it is always best to look at the date it was uploaded and use the one that is newest.

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ANS only sends a copy of the Transaction including who purchased, what they purchased, how much they paid and how much the commission was. It does not send an IM or have any relationship to that. There are services that will "catch" the ANS transactions, keep sales records AND send an IM on each sale, but they are 3rd party services and usually do much more than just send an IM.

I'm part of the dev team with one of those. If you IM me in-world I'll send you the name and a link to it on the Marketplace.

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Not sure if this thread is still active, but I'm having an ANS problem.  I've set up an ANS processor on a web host using PHP and SQL, following the method described at http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Setting-up-Marketplace-to-use-ANS-and-log-to-an-external/m-p/2177571#M38386. I'm getting transaction reports from the MP OK, except when there are multiple line items in a cart purchased under one Tranaction ID, the MySQL database only shows the first transaction.  The corresponding report I get via Email correctly show all of the line items.

Is this a bug or do I just have something set up wrong?  If the latter, what might it be?

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For orders with multiple items, each item is sent to the ANS processor separately with the same transaction ID and a unique "item transaction ID" (the parameter is called "Location" for some reason) so that you can tell they are separate items.

It looks like the problem with the method you linked to is that the TransactionID field in the database is set up to be unique (meaning that there can only be one entry for each transaction ID, and attempts to add additional entries with the same transaction ID would be ignored). So if you have access to the database, you may be able to solve the problem simply by removing the "unique" attribute from the TransactionID field.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2688 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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