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Skin & Shape Search

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Came across these lovely pictures, and wondered if you could point me out to who made the shape and skin? :3




Also if anyone knows any great skin stores that are the above style please feel free to throw me the name or LM. Need a make over, and I am so so horrible with located great skin shops. I don't know why but it's a curse xD

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Al Vulo has a monthly free skin just join their group. 

Imabee and Lara Hurley also have soft skins like that style.

I don't recognize the shape. It's a type that is popular right now so it could be almost anybody. Did you try to IM the person who made the ad or photo?


eta you might also try the lucky boards at Mother Goose's. Similar style and free. They also have shapes I think? and some 1L skins.

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Yeah the skin looks like al vulo.  Also if you are looking for a place to find different skins, feel free to join my skin consolidated group.  We are also a chatty bunch and answer many different questions :D 



Just paste that link into open chat and the group will pop up for you! 

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