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Martijn Mendle

Looking for an airport for fire fighting RP.

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Hello everyone,


I am looking for an airport to start my RP Emergency services group.

It will be Airport Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) oriented with possibility to include Emergency Medical RP.

We will be using the HD fire system.

So are you, or do you know someone who has or is planning on building an airport, and needs a professional fire department on sim, please contact me, and we are going to work something out. 

I am not new to SL and Emergency services RP, I've been in numerous fire departments for the last 4 years, and I am a RL firefighter/paramedic in RL with ARFF certification.


Martijn Mendle.


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Starting up a new sim roleplay sim (Adult themed) that will have two aspects you may be interested in. The first is our airport. The sim theme is a city off the south american coast and the only way in to the city is by small plane or Helicoptor. Visitors to the sim come through the mainland airport and take a chopper over to the island city.   The medical center will be staged near the airport. We are looking for medical staff to be on hand.  Because this is a new sim, your input as to what services should be added and your input would be greatly welcomed.

   This is a remake of our previous sim and will be compleated in three weeks from now. You are welcome to contact any of the staff for more information.

You can contact Tempest Turbo or Laurelin Juran or my self for more informaton.


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