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  2. Why am I still here instead of doing something productive like sleeping until noon then streaming Fortnite badly?
  3. How do you make an avsitter script chain the person who sits? Perferably when a button in the menu is clicked. Example. I have a dancing cage I would like to do this to. when the avi sits in the menu there should be a button that will give them the option of being chained to the top of the inside of the cage as they dance. Thank you in advance for your reply ~smiles~
  4. I'll bite... No, I'm not seeing any two that look the same.
  5. Hi Gopi -Don’t listen to all the naysayers! Jump up, flip off your boss, and take the chance! Follow your heart and all that stuff!
  6. Yep - after reading the next 5 after that I feel even less welcome in this thread than I did at page 7. What I want in SL, is what I've got already. My avatar looking just the way I want it, good music, good friends, my own home, a little club, a boat and a couple of horses. Over the years I've had a handful of IMs from women I've never spoken to, saying "hi, hot av" or words to that effect. One of them, in my very early days, even ended up with me dating her for a short while, though she dropped me like a hot potato when I told her I was a trans man in RL. Generally, I tell them thank you, and I'm flattered, and maybe we go on to chat about other things, and eventually the conversation dies. I'm not single in SL, and not interested in casual encounters, but an IM like that doesn't upset me or offend me at all. But I certainly don't get these sort of IMs in anywhere near the quantity that women seem to get them from men. I have a female alt, who I take out in public rarely, but I've had more of that sort of IM on Indra in the equivalent of a few collected weeks, than I have on my main avatar (this one) in 11 years. And given that there are so many more women than men in SL, and how supposedly desperate these women are? Why is that? Why aren't men getting these sexual come-ons from women all the time too? Or is it just me who's not getting them? Do women hate ginger guys? Or maybe I don't look wealthy enough? Or my avatar is actually really ugly, and I just can't see it? Or maybe, it's just not happening all that often. I don't think I have ever IMd a woman that I didn't already know, (except in a business capacity. By which I do not mean the escort business). And based on what I'm reading here, and in some of the other related threads, I think it is definitely safer not to do so, ever. Completely agree with this. Men and women are not different alien species, and there are literally no traits at all that are true for all members of one gender and none of the other. There are trends of course, but those trends are in no way definitive. Every person on this planet is completely unique - I may share some traits with some people but there's no-one in the world who is exactly like me. Or you. Or anyone else here. We should be giving respect to others based on the level of respect they show themselves to deserve, not on something as arbitrary as gender. The feminist movement has, I think, caused as much harm to the cause of women as it has helped. In the early years of course, it was crucial. It gave women the right to own property, to vote, to work in the same industries as men for the same pay. But in recent years it's become a very loaded word that no longer means "equality for women" but now it's "superiority for women". It's become synonymous with the man-hating femi-nazi types who think that all men deserve to die. I am fully in favour of women being treated the same as men, earning the same salary as men, having the same opportunities as men. But I would not call myself a Feminist, not any more. I hate to say it because I was never a fan of their music, but the Spice Girls got it right. They were a big thing in my daughter's formative years and their "Girl Power" gave a much better message - that girls should have as much power to be and do whatever they want, as boys have. As much as, not more than. These days, Lady Ga-Ga is giving out a similar message - you be you, and don't worry about what anyone else thinks. Be a sexual woman if you want to be. But be sexual for your own pleasure, not for the pleasure of others.
  7. I haven't really kept up with this thread, I've peeked in a few times to offer my perspective, but it feels as if there has been too much bickering. More variety in apparel would probably be greatly appreciated by the existing members, and make it more likely that there is something that appeals to potential newcomers. It's not an issue of there being a too small amount of apparel, but if you've looked at the events for men's clothing it's been much of the same, to the point that you often find the same mesh models recycled with different textures from one booth to the next; we don't need more suits, we don't need more shorts, we don't need more tank tops or T-shirts - and that creators drop out of the events because their stuff doesn't sell well enough that it's worth the effort, well, that's because the market for those things has already been so excessively saturated. I already have enough suits that I could wear a different one every day of the week, and I'm not interested in having any more T-shirts, tank tops or board shorts. But I think that perhaps the most pressing issue is evident within this very thread; the attitude against men in SL, the prejudice about how we only want 'one thing', and how we only have 'one intention', and how we 'don't deserve' any 'special treatment'. When you come into SL, you're hit with a pretty steep learning curve, and an often superficial community. If you're in luck, someone will grab you by the arm and show you where to get decked out with some clothes, a body or a head. If you're not so lucky, you may just be blatantly ignored because you look like a potato, or even worse, scolded for it. I didn't always care about my avatar's appearance, I don't know whether that had anything to do with being a man or not; I didn't come here for fashion, but for socialisation and to explore my own creativity, and to see whether I might find any interesting roleplay to partake in. I was very slow to jump on the mesh train, because I didn't at all get the point of it. When I finally did, and sat down to actually put some effort into my avatar's appearance, I immediately noticed a very significant change in how others, especially women, acted towards me. Again, when I picked up interest in photography I noticed the next stage of this; I mentioned 'photographer' on my profile, and briefly had a 'photographer' tag over my head, that I eventually got rid of because of how, wherever I went, there were women coming at me. I wasn't even a half-decent photographer yet, but the superficial fantasies of a majority of women in Second Life, and the difference in attitude I was met with, was very telling to me.
  8. Sometimes, a random shot is so much better than the one I was actually trying to get.
  9. Look at the ring on my finger and get to work. Then glance over at him every once in a while and think “Damn, he fine.”
  10. I put a steel-capped boot under the desk, kicking it over in a rain of stray documents sailing through the air, before walking off wondering what kind of masochist would ever work in such a stressful environment, when one can work with one's hands instead. As for the dream girl, no thanks. I'm quite content with my current situation. Aw, Scylla I'm still your worst nightmare though, right? ❤️
  11. Stubborn arms leave everything satiably FRAIL F R A I L DANG IT! Wayne and Howie often overlook WOMEN W O M E N
  12. The type of clothing you see at Frank's is not from the 17th century. Nobody in the 17th century was dressed like that. Instead you do find this type of clothing in RL. Its a type of formal clothing. Of course, you see it more often in movies, but thats not because its fantasy clothing, but because you probably aren't frequently visiting the type of formal events, where this is required. And the people at Franks aren't roleplaying either. They are themselves and not playing a made-up character. There are certain expectations of whats considered polite (like, men asking for a dance), but thats not roleplay. If it was, then I would be roleplaying, whenever I'm polite and friendly on the telephone after a customer keeps talking nonesense for +10 minutes. And women who give you the cold shoulder are certainly not doing that, because they are forced by a role to do that.
  13. Since you've just set up a bar with entertainments (as promised in your Profile) why not try a bit of marketing and see if people come to you? Not in this bit of the forum, of course, but in the adverts section.
  14. Parcel Privacy already hides you from being seen. This is about map-dots. There already is map-dot privacy; to hide your map-dot from being seen by anyone, logout.
  15. A coffee and choc muffin is more likely to be a long term solution and coping mechanism. Just saying.
  16. Funny you should ask that, I just got an email today about this https://docs.speedlight.io/ I haven't investigated further to see if its on the 3rd party viewers list or anything.
  17. My connection sometimes blips and takes me out, so I couldn't stay logged in for a long period.
  18. I just had to comment: This parcel was my very first land in 2006 (Except I had 2048 going up the hill).
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