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  2. Roxy Couturier

    How does your avatar look today ?

    I changed heads to Lelutka Cate. I'm loving the expressions and this face feels more like me.
  3. Chic Aeon

    The purpose of a clothing Demo?

    I don't try a lot of demos as I usually am wearing blogger items, but I do agree it is BETTER to have the garment with original texture and the word demo on it. THAT as a consumer. BUT --- LOL. A couple of months ago I made a ton of clothes for Sansar. They are all free there now, but they were not at the beginning. I was also pretty much the only person making demo garments for each item (I think there was one other person with a couple of items; that hasn't changed much). Things are different over there so the fact that I even HAD demos was a biggie . I didn't make demos for each texture or even use the particular texture but instead a standard beige fabric with DEMO written on it. There are no costs for uploads in Sansar and personally I doubt that it is the 10 lindens (or sometimes 40 lindens as quite a few creators use four textures (or more) standard for their garments that keeps SL creators from have more complex demos. For "me" it was all about the extra work. I was also selling my things at about a third of the going rate. So I figured I had already done my best to be a "good" seller. Then the pricing structure changed and so I made them all free. I was mostly just enjoying the process. SO -- for some creators here in SL, it may just be that they don't care how much they sell. I know one clothing designer who has NO demos at all (not a new store) and you just buy off the vendor photos. Presumably "someone" buys something --- but maybe not. For some people it might just be all about the fun of having a little clothing shop and feeling like a fashion designer. We are each here for our own reasons.
  4. Stephanie Misfit

    List of shops with content for Tonic bodies

    Thanks for all your hard work on this!
  5. aureru

    Looking for a hair style

    I think this hair from monso is pretty close from the hair that youre trying to look for
  6. Chic Aeon

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Definitely pink --- but with new graphics software *wink*.
  7. LittleMe Jewell

    The purpose of a clothing Demo?

    I guess I should add that the demo on the right is not a demo of any actual color of the dress. The dress in question does not come in that color at all. It came in a variety of patterns and a set that was mostly solid but a very obvious linen pattern and another set of a solid but shimmery pattern. So even the right demo was not a color/pattern of anything that could actually be bought. I've gotten demos before that were only one of the available colors or patterns and did not have a HUD to change it. While I might like to see all available options, I don't really have a huge problem with not getting to. However, I do want to see at least one of the true actual colors or patterns. I fully understand the cost issue, but I think I'd even rather have a ring around my chest or stomach if it would let me see something that really represents the product.
  8. Clover Jinx

    How does your avatar look today ?

    https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Green story/138/107/21
  9. Tazzie Tuque

    The purpose of a clothing Demo?

    My main reason for getting a demo is for fit purposes, no matter how great the texturing is if the fit isn't right then i have no interest in it at all.. I need the demo to make sure that any parts poking through can be fixed by my alpha sections on my body hud.. and if they can't then I won't waste my money on that item. It is nice however, to be able to see the actual texture of the item in a demo.. it helps in the over all decision to buy or not. Having said that, as a creator, when I make a demo, I use one of the texture choices as is, only with demo stamped on it somewhere, I try not to put the word demo in a place that will destroy the over all look of the item.. but still be clear that it is a demo only.. Most of the outfits I put out come with a texture hud and several options of colour choices, but I do not make a demo hud. reason being, to make a demo hud would be like making the entire outfit twice.. once with demo and the final sales version.. and to be honest, with prices being what they are in SL for an outfit these days even with a texture hud (meaning low due to so much competition and folks wanting inexpensive items) I couldn't charge enough for the final product to cover my time and cost of making a full demo hud. I know there will be a lot of folks who like to have everything in the demo, but I doubt they would be willing to pay a higher price for the final product just so they could get a full texture hud in the demo. (extra cost being time, and texture uploads which could be considerable depending on the outfit)
  10. Laoise Rumsford

    The purpose of a clothing Demo?

    Will it fit / Do I look good in it? What colors does the HUD offer? The creators that offer all the colors instead of only 1 are the heroes we need. The creators that offer a blank canvas and think it's a justifiable demo = no sale.
  11. Laoise Rumsford

    Close up portraits

    Old-school Selfie.
  12. Orwar

    Model Newhire

    Well, I wish you luck, but usually it goes a little something like ... Expectation: someone will provide me with clothes, accessories, hairs and everything I might need, and then pay for me to sit on the poseball whilst they set up the lighting and frame the shot. Then they'll go edit the shot, and I get to put it in -my- portfolio. I'll be a virtual superstar in no time. Reality: 'model schools' in SL are a rip-off if they claim to be anything but role play (being a model is so easy, you just need to know how to get dressed and adjust your shape to a pose when necessary), you'll have to spend a fair amount of Lindens, time and effort to set up an avatar of 'model quality', you'll need an expansive wardrobe, getting sponsors is difficult as just about everyone has a Flickr and a blog and want free stuff - the best way to get reach the views and follower requirements is to blatantly whore yourself out and spam-follow and spam-comment on every picture you see to hope that they'll follow you in return; some people even snipe photography groups to trade a follow for a follow - you'll also spend about as much time putting your shots in relevant groups and tagging them to hope more people will see them, a 'pro' subscription on Flickr and spamming every group you can get into is how 'some' people do it. You'll also have to actually PAY YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER, unless they're offering to do a free shot of people for practice purposes or out of plain boredom - when it comes to photographers you'll usually get what you pay for; some will do you a photo for L$25, some studios will do you high resolution shots with real life magazine quality photo-shopping for a couple of thousand Lindens per picture. You 'usually' have to have a portfolio to get into galleries and most certainly for any sponsorship to begin with. You'll also want an avatar who both looks good (which is a matter of opinion to begin with), and also stands out if you want to be recognisable. Judging by your profile picture, you look like yet another millennial brat in a Deadwool suit and a bad hair day and too many earrings. That 'niche' was over-saturated a long, long time ago. No offence, it's just that look or 'shaggy hipster with testosterone gone haywire' that makes up 98% of the meshed male population in SL. Next problem is that there isn't really all that much in the way of men's fashion to cover that isn't already being covered by anyone with a male avatar and a Flickr account, whenever Deadwool releases a new piece of apparel it's going to be in every man's wardrobe within days and apart from that every men's fashion event is flooded with tattoos, poses, that same jacket that's been at every event for the past six months, some lewd pants with the contours of a male reproductive system the size of a forearm snaking its way down the leg, maybe some eyes, and a bunch of stuff that has been rigged and textured with the skill and effort of a kindergartener with a cold.
  13. Today
  14. Roxy Couturier

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Besides the other way already described, you can add the 'Phototools' button to your bottom button row in FS. It brings up all the photo helper tools. Right click on any button and select 'Toolbar Buttons' then drag Phototools to the quick bar. Easy peasy.
  15. Panteleeva

    What makes you block someone?

    insults for no reason.
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  17. animats

    Private Investigations on the Grid?

    Graves Investigations in New Babbage. A beautiful build; visit it just to see the detail.
  18. CurseSmile

    How does your avatar look today ?

  19. GoSpeed Racer

    What makes you block someone?

    After 12 plus years my blocklist is pretty long. I primarily block rude, mean people. Especially those who've said hateful, racist, sexist and homophobic remarks to me. Text spammers and gesture mongers get temporary blocks. Personally, I'd never block anyone with a "complicated avatar".
  20. Madelaine McMasters

    Take a word leave a word (game)

    Emilie Mover
  21. Neuromanxer


    I'm in search of a scripter to collaborate with, on my upcoming projects. I create full Bento avatars and am working on Bento heads, currently. Scripter will be in charge of scripting the HUDs, such as applier HUDs and face animation HUDs. Being able to create GUI will be considered an advantage but is not necessary. Have a look at my store META for a better idea of my work. Contact me here or in-world if you are interested.
  22. Eivin

    Looking for a hair style

    Thanks! I'll check there
  23. Rissinia

    Long term story role players?

    Are there any role players out there that like to continue one story line and not just end the role play when they leave an area? I seem to run into a lot of people that just pop into a scene role play and then when they leave the scene the role play ends for them and they go onto a different area. For me i like dragging out a story line for as long as can with one person with note cards so we can keep track of what was said for the role play. I used to create long stories as a kid on MSN messenger that way with a friend and it was alot of fun. For second life tho is this even a thing? Or am i just doomed to wonder around looking for people on a sim hoping they will start a quick role play with me and create a scene before getting board and moving on to something else. I know with role play especially in a role play sim things can move semi fast and with alot of people in one area role playing in say a diner, and i am there trying to put in my two sense to the scene it can feel rather intimidating with so much chat going on all at once. Even with the rule of waiting for someone to post there line i still feel almost overwhelmed trying to keep up since i have dyslexia and i typo pretty bad because im having to erase things i wrote when i flip a few letters around in my words. tho i'm sure typing fast doesn't help me either but i have to type fast to try to keep up. I've run into people that have no patients to wait for my post and if i haven't posted within five minutes they get board and ditch. Least with Note cards i can slow down and think about how i want the scene to play out if the other person and i role play with, we are on the same page for the story we create. So far tho the Note card way i have only met one other person that likes to role play that way. Thoughts and feedback? Please be kind! thanks
  24. Sasy Scarborough

    An Attachment Changed my Avatar

    if you do character test though there is no ALPHA to hide your system body, so it should override completely so that your system would poke through, and shape etc, the other trick used to be to just drag a folder onto your body, because a folder drag is a replace all function, it won't leave an alpha behind, even dragging the same girl next door which is the character test does the same thing. Library > Clothing > Female Shape and Outfit @neevy
  25. Dracon Bellic

    messed up mesh.

    Thanks optimo for looking in to this and helping out. i am not sure but that screen you show in your post is from maya? cant find it in blender. best i could find was this. as you can see i did change the scale as per your post but that did not fix the problem. do i have to add new keys and if so what should they be?
  26. Sasy Scarborough

    The purpose of a clothing Demo?

    The left demo is always an upset to me too. I will never understand why anyone sees it as being hard to make a demo look presentable, it is selling your product. Often is the case that I buy the colour shown in the demo, because if not a standard colour it opens my eyes to the joy of it, so it has lead to more purchasing than intended prior. The cost of 10L vs losing a customer is too high a price to pay IMO, also if they are just reusing the same demo every time, as it looks there on the left, you don't see any of the bake etc that you do on the right. If it is mesh, add rings, add a box, do some branding not like no one has never tpd to another location or stood looking great in a demo and gotten another potential customers attention. Also enticing me with the fatpack options but making it clear that is what they are is an upsell as well.
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