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  2. Nope. These are actual group IM sessions.
  3. Is it possible what you are seeing are subscriber notices?
  4. How has no one mention the Monty Python Argument clinic in this thread yet? 🙂
  5. is lots of things I never think of either til somebody else has a look and goes what about this. Is how we learn from each other and often we look again on being prompted by somebody else we can sometimes see how we can improve. Like looking at this again, we can make it a little more efficient by inlining the sortstr creation (removing a function call from within the loop). Example s += [llList2String(players, 1) + llGetSubString("0000" + (string)(1000 - llList2Integer(players, 2)), -4, -1), llList2String(players, 0)];
  6. I missed your post before, but I totally agree on this. I don't have alts, but my AV is who I am here,
  7. Thanks for the reply, yeah I have figured that might be the case. My textures held only by me but referenced in my sky files are confirmed as No Transfer and I have not figured any way that could be circumvented at least. The sky files I sell and their saved-as alterations remain No Transfer. With some effort on the part of the purchaser, they can put in all their sky settings manually and change the sky I supply to have the look they want. It would have been way easier for them to be able to slap in the graphic, such is life.
  8. An argument is a part of a debate, which is the whole. A debate is made up of a bunch of arguments and counter arguments. Arguments are the proof needed to have the debate, or to discuss the opposing points of view. But this depends whether you are having a debate or no. A debate is considered more formal than an argument. But a debate CAN be informal and an argument can be formal.
  9. Probably. This thing started spamming during a region crossing. Never found the orb. The nearby parcels had a different owner.
  10. It depends.. Are you searching for it in the real world or the forums.. I was going by General forums...
  11. I have the same problem! I really love some house companies, but even if the houses were half the size, they would be pretty big for me. Then again, I am pretty short too.
  12. @Mollymews It was brilliant idea to combine all lists into one list first, so that you are able to sort all of them out. I wonder why I never thought of that before haha!
  13. Actually, we search for truth in both arguing and debating. Arguing is just more offensive.
  14. Nope. All of my alts are long deactivated. And I'm getting the messages in viewer, not via IM.
  15. i don't see as much of this these days. Way back in the day when the world was a whole lot smaller and pretty much everyone was into making stuff and messing about then this kind of activity was quite prevalent. Setting up elaborate creative plays on other people people who when you did this kind of thing would crack up laughing and then spend their own next few hours/days/weeks working out a even more cunning plan to get you back should also say that the rustler person in this case might not have done anything wrong, like they never took the animals off the owners parcel. It might be that for some unknown reason they just ended up on the rustler's parcel somehow. Server glitch, wander improperly set, etc. And the rustler just went from there when they found them on their own parcel. Just because they had nothing else to do at that moment and seemed like a fun thing to do
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  17. We can't search for the truth without a debate when two people have differing thoughts.
  18. This was me once many years ago. Is the orb in a different region from you by any chance? If it was then it's a case of what I unknowingly did years ago... There is a glitch with the scan code where if it hits the edge of a region, it seems to repeat it's full scan dimensions as a mirrior image on the other side of the region border.... so if you are scanning from 0x, 10y to 10x, 20y... you will ALSO scan 246-255xm, 10x-20y on the region to your west... At least I think. It scans some amount of territory on the other side that seems to be similar to what it was scanning on your side. I've done this to a neighbor before, about 10 years ago, and I had another neighbor do it to me about 7 years ago. The fix of course is to scan just inside the region border... 0.01m or more I imagine, and to NOT use 'parcel scan' if you border a region. If your example is not near a region border than it's just bad setup... but if it was - most people don't know about this glitch until it hits them or a neighbor says "hey... what's going on here?" Would be interesting to find the orb and find out.
  19. is it possible an alt is a member with whom you share an email address? if you do not see the email header by default, you may be assuming it is being send to you
  20. Arguing and debating usually has opponents involved looking for some sort of win. Where searching for the truth is a goal to become educated or more educated on a subject.
  21. 600 price ontop of it to keep the grand father status on it if I remember right.
  22. I filed this bug a while ago on the LL JIRA: BUG-228974 - [EEP] EEP settings do not respect texture permissions The bug isn't public because it's a permission issue. To be honest, I'm not actually sure if this is technically a bug, because creating skin assets using no copy to you or no transfer to you textures behaves in the same way - the resulting skins are full perm. The same behaviour happens with eye, hairbase & system clothing assets you create with non-full perm textures you are not the creator of & as far as I can tell, it's always behaved this way. When it comes to textures, permissions are pretty meaningless to be honest.
  23. assuming this is some kind of gameplay ranking system then is usual to contain the players in a single strided list. Is more flexible/versatile when we do this for example. sticking with the logic of using a sortstr: (i haven't tested this and have just typed it off the top of my head so the typos may be variable) list players = [ "uuid1", "A", 400, "uuid2", "B", 120, "uuid3", "B", 750, "uuid4", "A", 200, "uuid5", "C", 110, "uuid6", "A", 300 ]; // make a fixed-width string to sort on string sortstr(list s) { return llList2String(s, 0) + llGetSubString("0000" + (string)(1000 - llList2Integer(s, 1)), -4, -1); } // extract sublist by 'rank' and sort // where 'rank' is the value of the 2nd stride element "A" "B" "C" "D" "E" etc list extractsort(string rank) { // build the extract list list s; integer i; integer n = llGetListLength(players); for (i = 1; i < n; i += 3) // stride 3 step, beginning with element 1 { if (llList2String(players, i) == rank) s += [sortstr(llList2List(players, i, i + 1)), llList2String(players, i - 1)]; // "A",400,"uuid1" -> "A0600","uuid1" } // return sorted extract list return llList2ListStrided( llDeleteSubList( // delete 1st element to align for ListStrided llListSort(s, 2, TRUE), // stride 2 sort 0, 0), 0, -1, 2); } // call list uuids = extractsort("A");
  24. Today
  25. That would be a rather recent change. In the past I've been able to fly and hover 40-something meters above banlines. EDIT: I got to 51m above this plot: Outside the plot: (images look a little odd because I did a 'gyazo' of the 'gyazo' to crop the parcel and region name out once I found that the landowner was an active account - that plot's been there since 2010 so I at first used it thinking it was one of those long lost people...)
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