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  2. An ant is able to jump over my standards. And ants don't jump.
  3. maybe they can use them to tip adult entertainment workers i can see the signs outside the venues now "any one attempting to tip our employees in gems will be banned"
  4. Avatar name changes re: scripted objects

    That's fine, I was referring to allowing a function that lets someone "get all of another avatar's previous names", which would be a privacy issue.
  5. Renewed Outfits Challenge Thread

    I didn't bother to take off the body. S+ fits me surprisingly well. Some minor alpha cuts. I can't imagine that I will trash my Zaara jewelry. The ring from 2010 is perhaps the most worn accessory in these years. Zaara Raga Oyster ring: 2010 Zaara Banjara kada bracelet:. 2014 Zaara Atiriya stone bracelet: 2013 TRUTH HAIR Bronwyn : 2016 MINIMAL - Chicago Necklace Silver: 2017 Maitreya Mignon Dress - S+ Lust: 2015 Duncan Giano- Adele Black, Slide in (High Feet): 2014
  6. Goblin/Kobold/Troll etc. Group?

    Sometimes I do some trolling in this forum. But not too much lately. Seriously 1/4 CR?
  7. if you can force people to buy health insurance, why not force them to join a gym and exercise regularily. i guess the gym owners lobby needs to cough up some big campaign contributions
  8. It also leads to the springing up of blatherers who just like to hear their own voices and see their own words in public.
  9. now that the war against cigarette smoking has been largely won how soon before the war on poor eating habits and poor exercise choices be declared *my bad, they already started*
  10. Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    By 2022, Tennessee will have no tax on retirement income! They do, however, tax beer at $1.29/gallon.
  11. The Warehouse is currently hiring experienced DJ's and hosts. Join SL's newest heavy metal rock club! We offer flexible scheduling, 100% tips. Looking to cover many sets. Nice friendly working environment. Stop by the club to pick up an application
  12. giving any government unlimited powers may be done with good intentions but it will inevitably lead to tyranny
  13. New DJ looking for work

    The Warehouse is a new rock club currently hiring experienced DJ's and hosts. Looking to cover many sets. Stop by the club to pick up an application
  14. MEDINA STATES Looking for land for your business or simply a place to call home? Medina states provides a wide range of sims to choose from. Check out the details below. • No premium account needed • 24/7 Professional Land Management • Residential/Commercial • Full Estate Manager Rights 1/4 Full Region: Price : 3590 L$/Week Prims :5000 Area : 16384 Sq. M visit here: Norte/69/199/23 Norte/67/201/23 Norte/209/84/23 Break Ridge/5/5/22 Break Ridge/198/43/35 Break Ridge/211/206/35 Norte/67/201/23
  15. Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    ...imagines smoke rising from a mountain full of hippies.
  16. our ever growing social welfare system doesn't reflect the will of the people as much as it reflects the realization that politicians can buy votes by giving away ever larger amounts of other peoples money. Hilary Clinton in her first presidential debate said vote for me and I will introduce a program of providing a free university education to every american that wants one. Thank goodness enough Americans had the good sense to stand up to her socialist blathering and vote for a candidate that wants to build America up again by increasing opportunities instead of increasing handouts.
  17. Where are all my friends? Come on in and lets get comfy by the fire!

    I love the Smokey Mountains. Somewhere in/near that range is where we are looking to retire when the time comes.
  18. Every single game that does this, it fails. It's botted, muled, abused and eventually just gets inflated so it's worthless. all a secondary free currency would do is cause people to complain that their currency is worthless
  19. Looking for DJ position

    The Warehouse is a new rock/metal club - we are looking to fill several dj spots. The Warehouse Heavy Metal / Rock Club., Marebbe (139, 173, 3001)
  20. Dell XPS with Radeon (TM) RX 570

    Disable your integrated graphics at a bios level. I'd explain exactly how but different systems will have a different bios layout. Google your machine and how to disable the igp. If that doesn't fix it, try a graphics driver update or rollback to a previous version.
  21. what the founding fathers of the USA talked about at the time is always interesting in a letter to James Madison, Thomas Jefferson said: "The course of reflection in which we are immersed here on the elementary principles of society has presented this question to my mind; and that no such obligation can be so transmitted I think very capable of proof.--I set out on this ground, which I suppose to be self evident, "that the earth belongs in usufruct to the living": that the dead have neither powers nor rights over it." from this Thomas Jefferson builds first a case against incurring debt which cannot be paid off within the lifetime of the generation that incurred the debt. As doing so empowers the dead over the living. then Thomas Jefferson goes on to build a case against a Constitution whose meaning is determined for the living by the dead. Concluding his case by saying: "On similar ground it may be proved that no society can make a perpetual constitution, or even a perpetual law. The earth belongs always to the living generation." what Thomas Jefferson said was that the US Constitution was written for his time and life, and that neither he nor his fellow founding fathers including James Madison have any authority over anything when they are dead. a text of the letter can be found here:
  22. Unfair ban from a region

    we get also a break on premium and landcosts? just kidding of course, but for a company with the user/client base as LL holidays shouldn't be a reaon to have cuts in service or presence, also still always a mistery they simply close support and other departments for holidays.
  23. +/- some thousands it usually is within some plausible range - these orbs do their job, it is sloppy patchworked job with a lot of duct tape - but they do it.
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