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  2. Callum Meriman

    Winter Swaginator

    It's a lovely looking group of regions. Thanks to the Moles who made it. We enjoyed ourselves.
  3. Most places are empty... you have to find the populated ones
  4. Id also recommend searching "Groups" and check out group chat for some topics you're interested in. Avatars might not always be hanging out together, private messaging and group messaging are much more convenient if you're "body" is busy doing something else. It can also help you be notified when events or gatherings are happening at certain places 👍
  5. Innula Zenovka

    About sensor

    In state entry, start the timer event -- llSetTimerEvent(5.0); or something -- and where I've put //then rez the object, have the code to rez the object. In the object you rez, put in your code to force sit the owner on_rez and whatever you need to release the owner and the code to delete the object when the owner stands up.
  6. LittleMe Jewell

    Winter Swaginator

    Not to mention those huge snow boulders that will get you if you stand on that bridge for too long.
  7. Love Zhaoying

    Winter Swaginator

    Yellow snow is gross!
  8. TechDave

    Winter Swaginator

    It was region restart day, could be reason for some variances. i didn’t search for a second box, been too busy taking those snowball shots, seems they come out of nowhere. Then lobbing return fire, of course!
  9. Since the last restart the sequence script does not appear to be functioning in any of the animated prims, such as dance pads I made over the weekend using AVsitter2. Saturday and Sunday they worked fine. But now they stop on the first animation and will not advance to the 2nd and 3rd like they di before I reset the scripts etc and still when two AV's sit on the script they stop at the first animation and do not move onto the second dance etc then loop
  10. Donna Underall

    What are your favourite dresses?

    At Frank's Place in my Blueberry gown.
  11. This is the method that I use, and it has worked pretty well. I definitely recommend Donna's suggestion.
  12. Realizei algumas buscas que mostraram resultados antigos de lands de cursos de idiomas e gostaria de saber se existem lands atuais que eu tenha a possibilidade de praticar com falantes nativos da língua .
  13. Today
  14. moirakathleen

    The Home and Garden thread

    Added a fast-growing grove of Aspen last night, and some lupine flower patches.
  15. Donna Underall

    Five word Story Game

    since her ears are huge
  16. Ayane Philly

    About sensor

    I have not idea how to use that o.o
  17. Love Zhaoying

    Five word Story Game

    and Minnie Mouse was jealous
  18. There are also some other recent threads about “popular places”.
  19. Aishagain

    No Roll info

    Right. That's all very well, but unless you knew that '593 HAD been rolled to Magnum (there is no reference to it in this thread so far as I can tell), you would not have known that. Moreover simply saying that it has "internal changes" may sound innocuous and almost certainly IS, the simple fact remains that the release notes as accessed via the viewer were NOT up to date. It may be "no big deal" as a change, but my point is there was NO INFO. anywhere on the Roll. And still isn't.
  20. Donna Underall

    Five word Story Game

    with a beautiful young woman
  21. Search for things that you like doing and then see the popularity of the place. Go visit and voila!
  22. One thing you can do is, look at the big map for large clusters of green dots.
  23. Donna Underall

    A Must Go for Couples!

    I bet we all did but shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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