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  2. For developing your own color palettes (up to 9 colors in a single palette), there are a number of free apps you can use in the absence of Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, etc. I’ve been looking at Pocket Palette, which allows you to match colors from photos/screengrabs in your camera roll, and even from photos that you take within the app. Or just play with colors without an external reference. It’s very easy to adjust colors, and easy to read the RGB values.
  3. 700Li 512sqm grassland 175 prims House included http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kumiho/235/186/51
  4. This could be in 'listening' or 'watching' but it's the music I looked for, so here it is.
  5. [Oh, the two words don't have to make any sense? Okay...] Changer Abyss [~snorts~]
  6. My logging into SL by Firestorm viewer drops my internet speed from ~90 Mbps to ~7 Mbps,, why is that? I use laptop, W10 and Firestorm,, the newest. As soon as i log in the speed drops, even though my parcel is very small and not laggy. ippujippu resident (Anny Almaz)
  7. I'm looking at building a man cave/bad guy liar of sorts within an abandoned warehouse. In general I need worn, dirty, used, rusted, potentially bloody furniture/items. I already have looked at items from DRD and Urban Spirit. Any other places that "specialize" in worn furniture?
  8. Come see why our landscaping has won multiple awards! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/WILLOWDALE/61/192/23
  9. You answer your own question: it's an unreliable measure. A friend and I were standing together, using the same viewer, the same and the same Windlight and graphic settings. We each saw different numbers for each of us. Not only is it a unreliable number for accuracy on it's own, it isn't even a reliable number between the same viewer and setting for different people.
  10. Voici les photos, avec ou sans le neck fix head Genus, et avec les couleurs de peau les plus approchantes...mais loin d'être parfaites..
  11. Yeah, the OP may have higher criteria for "active" than I can meet. I login pretty much every day and often stay connected for hours (sometimes long after I've wandered AFK in RL), but it's not social most of the time, rather puttering around with scripts, trying some hare-brained scheme I dreamt up offline, or "maintaining" random stuff that's caught my attention. (For example, I just this morning realized that some "RealWaves" I've had rezzed offshore for years are Full Bright. So I've subjected my neighbors to that hideousness all this time. And of course they're No-Mod because the creator is so ludicrously full of himself. And I can't seem to find an adequate replacement, so that'll burn more time. If at this late date I need to make and texture and script effing waves myself, I'm gonna be pretty disgusted.) Also, I wonder if the OP has this forum confused with VirtualVerse née SLUniverse where, as others have pointed out, it's a badge of honor to have forgotten how to login to SL. I really don't get that vibe here. (It's weird over there, too, because the board owner clearly logs in all the time and regularly makes timely, topical posts.) As we used to say of hallucinogens, reality is for those who can't handle Second Life.
  12. Look, I know the number for avatar complexity isn't a perfect measure, and might change with Project ArcTan and can vary enormously depending on whether an item is attached or rigged, but why does it never get mentioned? You can't search for a low-complexity version of an item, and hardly anyone bothers to mention a number in the item page they create. Oh, and I know it's not the same as memory usage, which matters rather a lot for vehicles and smooth sim crossings. Some high-complexity components, such as flexiprims, can be pretty memory-efficient, but there's no way out of having both high complexity and high memory use from a mesh with a high triangle count. High-complexity outfits can be a nuisance for other users, but we can set the complexity limit in the viewer, and it can make a huge difference (I don't have such a slow system. but it doesn't take many avatars with over 200k complexity to slow things down). Anyway, it's our choice there. But why do the Marketplace and the sellers make it so difficult for customers to choose?
  13. " So that we may assist you, please submit a new ticket with the email address that you used to create the account. " You need to create the ticket just as it say's, it's going to be the only way of resolving the issue.
  14. 2000LI 1152sqm grassland 395 prims Low lag region http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kumiho/250/245/54
  15. still looking for amazing places for winter photo session before spring came.. and found an other one 😍
  16. 3072sqm 5000Li 1054 prims Protected road Low lag region http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kumiho/24/185/63
  17. Horizons has been rented. Hogadon still available plus a 512m2 parcel along the SLRR has opened. Irregular shape, 300 prims L$175/week http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bhaga/185/243/29 winkyland.com
  18. Well i am definitely no expert at at applying the mesh body there are so many files and i messed it up i'm not sure why i think the Milli head could have had something to do with it going wrong i will try again now. But the VCO Hairstyle and VCO skin tone applier worked with the 'Trixie' it was a very close tone to the pale face and neck its wyd the 'Trixie' body is very nice.
  19. Nobody is going to reléase a home there, but thanks for the info
  20. Residential or Commercial 4096 Sqm - 1875 Prims - 1050L$ per week http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Passions/8/160/21 4096 Sqm - 1875 Prims - 1050L$ per week http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Passions/96/10/21
  21. So recently there were some pictures of inappropriate clothing, so here is my contribution.
  22. I have a Victorian in Dunbar on the opposite shore of the new Victorian regions. Yesterday everything was still in a violett glow - did not seem ready yet.
  23. Today
  24. Define "active." I still log in sometimes, not every day, or even every week (especially if each account is considered separately). As far as the furry(/anime?) community goes: There's just very little interesting stuff going on inworld for me. The days of social sandboxes where people build stuff or play with random toys is basically gone. Hangout areas are dead silent with everybody talking in IMs, afk, or waiting for someone to ask them to bang. For the human community: I don't even know. It's always been weird.. Like either stuck in 2010, or just full of "normies," and I mean that un-ironically. Residents who are just tech literate enough to interact with SL as a chat room but without any knowledge of how SL works or how to use the edit tools, or any interest in other games. Residents with generally weird social etiquette that feels really... out of touch? Out of place? Naive? I don't know how to describe it. Whenever I log in, it's at my own private home so I can write some scripts, or friends asking me to come over to work on their projects. Just like with inworld, I'm here mainly out of habit. But also because I like helping, answering questions, and going "actually..."
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