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  2. Seriously are you people still at the stupid bat soup meme?
  3. This blasted virus.... John Prine lost to us, one of the greatest singer/songwriters of his generation, revered and honored by luminaries such as Dylan and Springsteen. At the age of 73 he lost the fight against the coronavirus yesterday. If you're in the SL music business, spare a thought and perhaps dedicate a song or two to this giant of our trade on whose shoulders so many of us were privileged to stand.
  4. @Quartz Mole And still has plots with the double house problem: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Whistlers Well/139/110/55
  5. Hi, I wonder if anyone can suggest the right way around for some 'combat dice' scripting? As part of a RP setting, I am trying to create a chance for combat, based on rp'ing the scene, with dice adding to the attacks. Currently, we can roll dice to see if *Bob* scores higher than *Kevin*, but there's no chance to evaluate if *Bob* is a grizzled warrior, and *Kevin* a boy fresh off the farm with a twig in his hand. Obviously Kevin needs a chance to defeat Bob by the alignment of the cosmos on a particulary fortuitous day, but idealy, Bob will win 9 out of ten times. In an ideal world...they'd rezz an object, both touch it..and it would refer to a server which knows what Bob get's in addition to his base roll, and what Kevin gets. IE..in the server database, Bob might be registered as having a base score of 10, while Kevin is 1. They'd then rp a scene, where if one lashes out, they'd roll dice....the object would declare inworld the score, and the next part of the rp would incorporate that. Once one or the other had hit a particular target....say 100..... it would declare a winner. In an even better world, it would then ADD an additional 1 to Bob's base dice rolls after for example 10 wins, and subtract 1 from Kevin after say 5 losses (just to keep people from thinking a fight is a better way out than diplomacy.) As a novice, I'm trying to work out if the object can talk to the server on behalf of both....ie if they touch it, it will tell each their score, having referred to the server, and also keep tracl of the totals? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  6. The sheer stupidity of Kentucky churches. Just ****ing shut the **** down and do your stupid ****ing services online like every other ****ing church, you ignorant ****ing morons. Jesus ****ing Christ.
  7. There's one in Porridge Pot and one in Yancey too they seem to only go to the portal park. Aside from the few things i'm not allowed or not that interested in everything else there can be reached with out the portal park
  8. I have the slink dev kit and I made a shirt for slink hourglass, however when I uploaded the shirt into second life the shirt wasn't in the right place on my avatar's body. It was only visible from the back and was sideways. In blender the shirt was in the right position on the slink body. So I'm wondering why it was so messed up when I uploaded. I read somewhere that avastar is needed to make the clothes be fitted and rotated properly. That seems outrageous.
  9. Yes but... cyclists do own the roads as they have an implicit right to use them. Motorists have to be licensed to be permitted!
  10. I don't have an answer for you, but starting a second thread, exactly the same, is not the way to go about getting answers.
  11. 107 year-old lady (Cornelia ''auntie Cor' Ras) survives COVID-19: https://www.rijnmond.nl/nieuws/194136/Oudste-vrouw-van-Flakkee-107-overleeft-corona If you pardon my Dutch.
  12. Hello, Can somebody please tell me what to do: I have a shop and i have about 200 items on it. Now ......... I didnt know about this ticking "show in search" box, so ALL my items are now not showing in the search. Can anybody please tell me how to tick on the box for all the items in one go? Or do i really have to solve that one by one???? Thank you..... The show in search option
  13. heard this on the radio this afternoon while I was working. It seemed somehow appropriate.
  14. "You just cant go to this place and not smile ! Art Box is a three storey collection of props with poses. Some of which will be pretty familiar to you, some maybe not. It certainly made me grin. Even the teleporter system made me smile – its cool." Read more on the blog.
  15. Nice quiet region, low to no lag on average computer Regions in this area have waterways around them. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Raziel Vesperia/26/170/23
  16. Whistlers Well released! Hopalong was released early this morning (SL time) too.
  17. @LittleMe Jewell Yeah, I do hate it when the corporation gets bright ideas; it really sucks. Ours is actually behaving fairly decently compared to yours. They've given us all these links to stress relief exercise sessions, strictly voluntary, so I signed up for stretches 4 days a week. The first one I did on Monday and I'm still feeling it in my thighs, gonna have my second one at noon today. And my boss is letting me take long lunches, flexing my hours. these little things do help. Yours sounds like a nightmare. On another topic, I'm so sad about losing John Prine. I loved his sense of humor and his sensitivity I saw him play with Arlo Guthrie back when I was putting my Ex through grad school. and @Seicher Rae take care, and remember you can come back anytime, no questions asked, we'll be here, hugs!
  18. They are from AfterImage Design. They open and close.
  19. We are here if you need us... and even if you don't! If you need a private talk, I'm here for that, too. Take care of yourself! HUGS
  20. Link to Stay at Home Club page for those like me who were wondering where to find items: https://www.thestayathomeclubsl.com/
  21. Normally I would just fade into the woodwork, but since I have been posting about clinical depression and sometimes suicidal ideation, just in case anyone notices or gives a dam*, I'm letting you know that I am actually going to step away from the Forum for a while as I've been saying for days that I should do. I'm ok-ish, not suicidal or close to it, just wanted to let you know that. No Forum reading or posting until... dunno. Stay safe out there. ♥
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