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  2. Parasite (2019) All unemployed, Ki-taek's family takes peculiar interest in the wealthy and glamorous Parks for their livelihood until they get entangled in an unexpected incident.
  3. Working to make yourself the right person for you, and the right person will be drawn to you based on the work that you've done for yourself.
  4. To the OP.. its not.. just be yourself and be patient and dont try and force anything. Those who are similar to you will find you over time. Quality friends over Quantity always.
  5. Apologies folks - I was not signed in! I feel a complete idiot. Oh, just seen your reply Moira. Thank you for answering.
  6. I have been known to wander various sims asking people if they thought i was brave...
  7. Paging @Madelaine McMasters Paging @Madelaine McMasters Someone is requesting to be roasted.
  8. Double check that you are logged into Marketplace (the default when not logged in is General only). If you are logged in, and are not able to select the other maturity levels, then you'll need to contact Support (or live chat during their working hours if you're a premium member).
  9. Hi, For some reason I can only access general content in the marketplace. My prefs are set to adult, moderate and general and I have payment info on file. I can also visit adult areas. However, all options in the marketplace dropdown box are greyed out.
  10. That is understandable, and I am not saying that you are saying it's wrong. I am just trying to clarify what you meant, as your original post was left open ended.
  11. Thanks to all of you who have replied. Sorry if I wasn't clear. We do an annual in-person conference and exhibit hall once per year. We had approximately 8,000 attendees and 200 exhibitor booths. While it would be great to include the SL community in our invitation to attend, as it's completely open to all, our purpose is to invite our 8,000 attendees from last year to join us online as well as provide booths for the exhibitors so avatars of our attendees can interact with the avatars of the booth vendors. After that, I don't know...maybe the attendee will be directed to the vendor's website or maybe we can convert my 200 vendors to 200 SL stores? The vendors, in RL, sell crystals, clothing, jewelry, healthy products and some services. None of the vendors would be selling digital items or anything for use in SL. Hope that helps. Thanks again to all who are sending input my way!
  12. I can reproduce it reliably on multiple viewers and multiple accounts, using my laptop.
  13. Details on Flickr.
  14. I get used to a person in a certain way, and it's strange for me. I am not trying to say it's wrong, it's just my reaction.
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  16. Then how is it disturbing or confusing?
  17. That's very true. I'm not asking them to stay the same.
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  19. Are you looking for a ♫ WOOT WOOT ♫ HOST for your club? And/or MANAGEMENT position needing to be filled? I am almost SL age 6 and super responsible. #1 I like people, #2 Have a "smarty pants" sense of humor, #3 Show up on time always, #4 Hosting experience, #5 SL committed. ♥ A rock / hard rock club is where the energy is. ====> I'd like to work at your rock club. <==== ♥ Late night sets cuz my RL is Arizona. SLT 8-12pm- ish "SHUT UP !!! Love that tune" !!! "Let's hurl some luvin' at our fabulous DJ." !!! Lalala HOoWeeoOoOU Lalala WHISPERS: Future snoops around for DJ HEATHER’S tip jar. My SL: Wilma1972 Name: FUTURE Thanks
  20. There are people in SL who...don't change their av? This is news to me. 😌
  21. Thank you, I will triple check & confirm!
  22. Omg! Thank you so much. That's the one! (or at least good enough for me). I can't wait till' I can buy it! Thanks for the speedy response. eeee~
  23. That's a very odd sort of graphics glitch, if that's what it is. Your script isn't doing anything that involves changing textures or alpha. It's just resizing and moving things, so I can't see how your viewer is ever being put in a position of having to "remember" what a closed or open blind looks like. The only scripted changes are all handled by the servers. The only thing can imagine is that somehow that odd blind is being resized and moved when it's not supposed to be. There's nothing in your script that should do that, but did you by any chance have a test object nearby when you were developing this thing? And if so, did you forget to pick it up? When I am working on a script like this, I tend to rez a prim nearby and stick a simple "Hello, Avatar!" script in it so that I can send trigger messages by just clicking on the thing. If you made something like that, with a timer in it, or if you left another test script in a child prim of the linkset somewhere, it could be triggering your odd blinds. Of course, that's never happened to me, but hypothetically it might happen..... 🙄
  24. server side lag is not a real item anymore that would be noticeable by the viewer. this is restart as others have said.
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