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  2. I haven't put this much thought or effort into decorating my own home for years because, well... rarely spend time there and whatnot. But this! I am so excited for my new LL Homes Camper. So this is what I did, it's not as detailed or fancy as most I see, but, hey, IT'S HOME!!! A car rezzer and horse rezzer for all to enjoy, as well! Oh, and requisite poster of @Patch Linden there in the dark. Now to just find the right painting for that last wall.
  3. OMG look what I found! They are almost my neighbor. I looooooove it!
  4. Sorry this just "popped in there", heh.
  5. Well that explains a few things ... Hey, how about instead of using an alt/sock to respond to/get around being put on ignor by someone, you just move on and accept that not everyone buys what you try to feed them? Also, circumstances depending, not even an alt account can save you if you mess up badly enough.
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  7. Sorry, no. No RLV or similar function (in any legitimate Second Life client program) can prevent you from closing the client nor can it take complete control over your inputs. For that matter you have to explicitly enable RLV in many third party clients - it does not simply switch itself on. Heck you cannot even do this with Experiences as - barring a very tiny list - you have to enable/accept the experience yourself. Users need to stop perpetuating this crap.
  8. Just got my lips done, loving the plumped look!
  9. Recently upgraded the Meshudio photo studio to v4 and that it seems to have been a good success and had a lot of interest. Since v1 we have sold over 1500 Meshudios which is amazing and something I would never had thought of. We are currently upgrading the mobile Posejector shadow and pose Hud studio
  10. That's what the grid pattern on the UV maps is good for. Load a map as a texture and apply it to your av and a local texture to see what it looks like. Then use the same map as a layer in Photoshop and do your designing on a partially transparent layer above it.
  11. i had nooooo idea! now i might use that one lol. thank you for sharing
  12. Does anyone know how the new BAKED_LEFTARM and BAKED_LEFTLEG are supposed to work? Is it really just another AUX with a dumb name? I modified my mesh body to have the left arm be a separate face, and the left leg to be a separate face. When I set my mesh body to have the left arm face as BAKED_LEFTARM and the left leg face and BAKED_LEFTLEG, all the other other skins, tattoos, and clothing that were on BAKED_UPPER and BAKED_LOWER disappear on the left side, and nothing but the specific left side universal tattoos are shown. I thought the point of the left bakes were to allow adding tattoos to the left side of the body. If the upper/lower skins and clothes disappear as soon as you change it to BAKED_LEFTXXX, then that isn't adding anything; it's replacing your BAKED_LOWERs and BAKED_UPPERs. This isn't too helpful unless all of your skins and clothes are also made as universals, which then also defeats the layering of skin->tattoo->underwear->inner clothes->outer clothes. It also prevents using any of the classic skins and clothing if you use the LEFTs. Ideally, I would want to wear a classic skin, a universal left arm tattoo, a classic short sleeve tshirt, which apply, in order, to: BAKED_UPPER(LOWER/HEAD), BAKED_LEFTARM, BAKED_UPPER, and have them display as you would expect. They don't. As far as I can see, there does not seem to be a way to set the left arm face or left leg face of my mesh body to have both BAKED_UPPER and BAKED_LEFTARM, or BAKED_LOWER and BAKED_LEFTLEG at the same time.
  13. I've been hanging out on Social Island, and I've been reminded of two of my longstanding pet peeves... Avatars who don't respond to a friendly greeting, but just run on past. Avatars who immediately accost you, asking for your location, age, marital status, and phone number (!) All of the Randy Noobs seem to wear the same avatar, that 70's character with the orange paisley shirt, Sonny Bono hair and mustache, and the little boom box. I've discovered how to convert Type 2 into Type 1 though...sit in a wheelchair. Nobody yet has seemed to notice that Disabled Lindal is faster than they are. They run past, then I fly up, wheelchair and all, fly over them, and land in front of them. Then I say, "Hello again!" as they come up to me.
  14. New omega Evolved solution has a way to do asymmetrical arms
  15. Well, should be safe to assume most will still be on 2.79 as it's been the main version of blender for the last few years, and with the rather drastic change of UI 2.8 has, some will probably still prefer working in 2.79 till they get better acquainted with 2.8.
  16. One of my friends is into making kawaii accessories nails eyes and such. i keep trying to nudge her into fashion she's an illustrator i think shed make cute t shirts or if she got into mesh creating. she's really into making kawai ensembles ill link her this forum topic.
  17. I am having a HECK of a time figuring out how to get the seams on the sids arms and legs to match up for clothes or tattoos. anyone have a favorite tutorial that helped them figure it out back in the legacy days or more recently for omega appliers?
  18. Hello, i added another black Skin (the app have 2 or 3 skins different for change appearance this is new Black Style
  19. If they're like me, they'll by all the things and then go look at the houses!
  20. Yes! Exactly! Hahaha!
  21. I can make a "DUCK!!!" animation for you I think. But first I want indemnification against any promise that it will prevent decapitation, though.
  22. It's the SL Christmas Expo. The website is here: https://slchristmasexpo.com I've visited before, but this will be the first year of being a merchant at the event. So hopefully people will look at the new houses and then wander into the market and buy all the things.
  23. I am having a HECK of a time figuring out how to get the seams on the sids arms and legs to match up for clothes or tattoos. anyone have a favorite tutorial that helped them figure it out back in the legacy days or more recently for omega appliers?
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