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  2. SL is different to each user, so considering the amount of user, we can consider there are the subsuquent number of realities, and putting rules to cover them all would be almost impossible. To me, what matters most (and has helped over an over through the years), is common sense. As in RL, you will find people in the metaverse who wear different masks, and sometimes it is a question of time for them to be revelaed; sometimes, you will never find out. So being cautious,is the most helpful rule. Recently, I have found out that someone I thought was a a good friend, has been wearing a mask for many many years... Well, that could also happen in RL, but hidding behind an avatar and screen, is a plus to some people. SL is much more than a dating platform, thank goodness, but I have friends that are in here because they do want to find that intimacy with others, and they are quite clear about it, keeping an honest approach, taking the other person in consideration. Not all are that honest, so, take some precautions...
  3. meaning is, two christians will disagree on so many points and levels soon they won't go to eachothers church anymore , even at least one will disagree with himself so will split off to a third denomination. Thats why there are countless, mostly protestant, denominations.
  4. I would really love to find more blogs with interesting written commentary. It seems to stretch the definition of the genre to provide a photostream with titles, and hopefully product links and call it a blog. Maybe it's a plog?
  5. LilBloo

    Login Issues

    same issue since yesterday ... havent been able to log into my account at all and is frustrating.... did everything, modem router, restart, sl viewer and nothing, thought may have crossed my mind that it could be linked to having international net issues, locally still have access but anything else is frustrating.
  6. Not so much today, but posting because a) I liked this shirt (still do ) and b) the feline pictured here is the newly-hatched version of the ginormous cat in my last picture. Day 0 vs. Day 7 makes a big difference sometimes!
  7. Hard to be inspired if it all looks like an abstract glaring mess! But to each his own I guess. Artistic presentation is something I would look at twice if it is tastefully done and does not offend my eyes. And yes there are a handful of good bloggers out there who accomplish this... but for every one of those there are 100 wannabes who are failing miserably at "influencing".. me anyhow. But actually although I got into this side spin, I believe I got off topic here.. Sorry! This is fuel for a whole different discussion.
  8. ...not sure what exactly you mean by this. Not all Christians have a desire to open churches on every corner.
  9. Lindal's suggestion to white list the viewer and its cache is a good one. White listing improves performance. If you put the cache on the SSD for speed I'll suggest you look into a RAM-Drive for the cache. Way faster. Installing the viewer on the SSD helps. I am not a fan of Norton. I consider it bloatware. Removing it usually makes a noticeable improvement in performance. Windows Defender is fine if you are reasonably careful. If you are likely to reflexively click on anything interesting you probably need something more. If you haven't updated in the last 3 or 4 days (1/17/2020) do so now. The world is in a panic because the NSA (USA Gov Agency) pointed out a security problem in Windows 10. The news media in some quarters is going nuts over OMG! THE GOVERNMENT ISSUED A WARNING! I can't find a rational take on how serious or trivial the problem is. Just update. Evacuation to the antarctic is not required.
  10. from names to glitter pony .. sounds like a derail somehow
  11. My friend has the same issue. I just tried to log in with her account from my computer and there was no problem at all.
  12. Granted. The aforementioned infinity loop takes place and swallows us all up Borg style. And it's all YOUR FAULT. I wish I didn't have to somehow get tomato soup stains out of a striped T shirt. He could at least have tried to get it on the red bits.
  13. These are cartoon character in a video game, not the user themselves. The other party could just as easy go out and buy the same mesh body and skin, and then take all the pics they want of that...
  14. Thank you, Mollymews. That sounds like something that might be helpful. Now if only I had a clue HOW to do that...lol. Unfortunately, I'm also having a number of other issues with apparent conflicts between the vehicle and pilot scripts and avsitter sets. OMG, vehicles are frustrating! lol
  15. I’ve only been messing with the Lelutka demo, but I’m pretty sure it has full specularity on the entire head. It even has shine control on the hud. So that would mean it’s using materials.
  16. Friday: 2pm to 4pm Friday Night Dance Party with DJ TarzanTom, on the beach. Saturday: 7am DJ Class, in Swindlehurst Classroom. Building classes resume in March. Sunday: 1pm to 2pm Romantic Waves Party/Live Singer Selena, on the beach. More details at: http://helpinghaven.weebly.com http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Helping%20Haven%20Gateway/42/52/25
  17. My 1st memory of the Galaxy was real working elevators, too. Even with the original owners, it was a working ship with updates along the way. RL cruse ships that are "saved" as museums (I'm thinking the Queen Mary) end up with some retrofitting to start with and then transition with additional updates as their role expands over time, keeping more of a "sampling" of what previously was. Perhaps that is what will happen with the Galaxy.
  18. Now I know why I do not fit in to SL, I can not even ... keep up with this thread....
  19. SAIMYA ESTATES - MOVE IN SPECIAL PAY 2 WEEKS GET 1 FREE Waterfront Locations access to sailing waters- Privacy in each home, control media and other land abilities RENT THIS LAND Furniture and land decor may be used or returned 106 Saimya Bay-250 Prims/ L350wk - Furnished http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bishops Wall/28/231/21 108 Saimya Bay- 300 Prims/ L450wk- Furnished http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meander/64/14/21 1200 SAIMYA WATERFRONT BAY- 150 PRIMS/ L200wk- Furnished http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Geoduck/17/157/21 1300 SAIMYA BAY -250 PRIMS/ L350wk- Furnished http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Geoduck/36/129/23 LAND SALE OR RENT THIS LAND- Protected Waters House and Furniture may be used or returned at these locations 1500 SAIMYA BAY- 500 PRIMS/ L550wk- Furnished http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maclane/244/97/22 1600 SAIMYA BAY- 500 PRIMS/ L550wk- Furnished http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maclane/168/97/22
  20. In October of last year, maybe awhile before, this began to happen and reached epidemic proportions. Since then the Lindens have done quite a bit of work to solve the problem. Region crossing success (TP or walking) has improved. But, in certain circumstances people are still disconnected. I'll add to Rolig's response. Script weight and the number of attachments affects the likeliness of a disconnect. All the information about your avatar has to be packaged, compressed and handed off to the destination region's server. That includes the scripts and their data and run-state. The destination server decompresses all the info, loads the scripts, restores their run-state and data. If either server is lagging the process can time out and you get disconnected. Fewer scripts and attachments improves the odds you will avoid disconnection. Sailors and flyers wear as little as possible...
  21. Yeah, my job blocks anything “game” related, so the forums, dashboard, etc blocked, I think even Flickr is blocked. Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Spotify no problem! My husband doesn’t “get it” he doesn’t hover. But he can play one of those video games where you run around punching trees and rocks to make tools, then punch some more trees and rocks to build more stuff for hours and tame animals. I don’t get that either, so we’re even. That’s usually when I log on to SL.
  22. It gets us nowhere to worry about what should have been done. That is water under the bridge already. All that matters is trying to influence the lab over what should be done NOW or LATER. I don't see a problem with changing rules on existing users where needed. MMOs and other Social Media platforms do it all the time. It does filter who's an active user and who isn't... but the inactive users are paying their bills without looking anyway... If a change is chosen that can drive up subscriber numbers - then do it. If we do reach that step, and I feel we should and even need to to prevent subscriber numbers from dropping; the question then becomes... what change is ideal? I believe the existing mainland system is driving Second Life usership DOWN... both in premium and free-2-play members... and that is not just a bad thing, it's toxic to the platform.
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