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  2. あなたが探しているものを見つけることを願っています。 🧐
  3. I'm sure people still play. Vampire RP is popular, but I haven't received any bite requests for along time. I remember the drama though. Bloodlines got a bad name because of all the spamming of bite requests at newbies at infohubs, but there was another system. I can't remember the name of it now, but the vamps didn't have to ask permission. they just stood a certain distance from you and drained your virtual life away. Avatar names were in some database somewhere and people freaked out like they lost their real life souls. It was an entertaining debate for a while.
  4. Yeah, I'd say that qualifies, Seicher. I think we all owe him thanks for that. There is sometimes this odd assumption, almost a cultural meme, that a woman's bffs must, necessarily, always be women -- as though there were some truth to the old notion that a man and a woman can't become close without sexuality in some way interposing itself. Sure, frequently that kind of relationship can spring from one that was, at one point, romantic or sexual. But the funny thing is that many, maybe even most of us, have really close male friends. We just tend to think of ourselves as the "exception" to rule that we are ourselves actually disproving. Yes, the whole rationale behind International Men's Day, and in a different way, International Women's Day, is a bit odd unless you think about it. No one is "good" by virtue of the fact that they belong to one gender or another, and it's a bit silly, on the face of it, to celebrate "men" or "women" for the mere fact that they are men and women. The real justification for International Women's Day (about which I have frequently posted here, on 8 March) is maybe reasonably obvious: we're celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of women to a culture that, until pretty recently, was willing to give them little scope to participate outside of the domestic sphere, and was slow to acknowledge when they did. So, that makes some sense. International Men's Day to me makes sense only in the context of rethinking, at some level, what men's accomplishments and contributions are. In the "good old days," those would be things like winning wars, exploring and conquering, building big or exciting things, and making history-changing discoveries. Now, I think to some degree, it's about redefining that role and celebrating the fact that men can do those things, yes (for good or ill), but they are not limited to those sorts of things. Now, their accomplishments can be things like nurturing and teaching children, supporting women, building a more just society -- things, some of them anyway, that used to be the woman's sphere. That's incredibly cool, that we can now celebrate a man, not merely because he's a successful businessman or politician or engineer, but because he's a great dad. I hope men understand that this isn't a diminishing of their social role. I honour them for it.
  5. He (or she) is not invited indoors, but I do enjoy the company. I think I'll make a warm box house for the winter. 🔨🏚️ 🐀
  6. Aww, that is so sweet! 😊 A little tip, though, I don’t think you can train a possum to use a litter box. 😉
  7. Of course like 5 minutes after I find it, God...ugh.
  8. I have a possum, that visits me almost every night as I sit on my deck. He (or she) has been coming for years between 10pm and midnight. I choose to believe it is the same possum. The last 3 weeks he (or she) has gotten a fallen apple from my orchard and crawled under the fence to sit about 10 feet away keeping me company. He (or she) loudly smacks his (or her) lips as he (or she) makes rude eating noises blocking out all the forest I sounds I usually enjoy. I had no idea possums were such loud eaters. Coincidentally, I lost my indoor/outdoor kitty about 3 weeks ago. I guess I have a new cat. 😸
  9. The way to do this is probably right in front of me, but since I clearly can't understand the hud… Please do tell me how. Thanks in advance!
  10. Oh wow thank you. Removing these definitely gave a bump in FPS on my 2013 MacBook Pro with Nvidia 750m 2gb graphics. I gained about 15-20fps so this definitely needs to be looked at by someone. My SL experience on this machine was becoming quite marginal but this made a great improvement.
  11. City of Roseville - An RP Family Living Community. The City of Roseville is a Family RP California based community that offers a quality community. We offer role-play in PD, FD, Medical, shops, park and much more. Roseville is very active with RP. We have home's and Shop's available for rent and both city features and small town features. Our FD has a Real Life Firefigher as the Assistant Chief to have the most effective role play experience here in SL for those of you who dream of people a police officer! Now Hiring: ✱ Chief ✱ Fire Fighter ✱ EMS/ Ambulance Driver ✱ Doctor ✱ Nurse LANDMARK: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cinnamon Twist/113/136/32
  12. I second that. Ripping textures is wrong, just like copy/pasting IMs, and both have the comparable level of technology protection in the viewers. Is someone going to become concerned that we can copy text out of no-copy/no-mod notecards?
  13. Today
  14. /me raises her paw! Soooo, uh, I was working on some server code a few years ago, and figured "no one's gonna see this anyhow, so I'm gonna have some fun with it!" hehehe. 😝 You never know where the GridBuns might be lurking...! (I'm not sure why the Singularity Viewer has managed to unearth that message! But I was the one that wrote it.)
  15. Don't tell me what to do with my life. If I wanna call a snake a danger noodle, I will by golly. And now....for a commercial break I forgot something....that superbly-unnecessarily-verbose trophy is MINE damnit! I worked too hard for too many years, worked my fingers right down to the bones, all in an effort to obtain and keep my precious. I'm not letting anyone get their grubby little hands on my ridiculously obnoxious, albeit quite well deserved, trophy!
  16. Funny, I've never been west of the Mississippi, though I have been to Europe several times. And I've only lived in two states, and hate them both. At least the one I live in now is slightly better than the previous one.
  17. Mine allow you o do just that - or shoot a gun ...or aim and shoot a turret while driving ... or just look at the bird poop on your side windows ...
  18. The title of this OP just says Made A Difference and doesn't specify good or bad difference. So my eye twitched a little and my foot tapped, because several men in my life made huge impacts on my life but in negative ways. But I realize that the intent of the post was probably to highlight the positive, and I think I can keep this to being a net-positive comment. I never knew any of my grandfathers or uncles. The only man in my immediate family circle was my father. Dad was an abusive alcoholic, but he was also just incredibly brilliant and talented. He was a grumpy bigot too, which makes this next part all the more strange and wonderful. Dad had three daughters, no sons. Despite his horrible positions about race, he never once made any of us girls feel less than because we were girls. Quite the opposite. We were expected to do our best and succeed. There were never any qualifications about doing well for a girl. Being a girl was no excuse not to do something. I am so grateful for that gift. I was an adult before I realized that the rest of the world didn't necessarily feel that way. Okay, there was the male high school guidance counselor who flat out told me that girls can't be engineers, which is of course one reason I chose a double-major, one of which was mechanical engineering... So there was that affect. My ex-husband and I remain friends, although we speak infrequently. One of the fun differences he made in my life was that through his work we travelled Europe for weeks and sometimes months. My SL ex-partner (met in SL) is my very bestest friend forever. Quite simply without him in my life I would literally be dead. I think that qualifies as a difference.
  19. Any hard and fast way to eliminate the pause I have noticed when a Character moves between co-ordinates?
  20. They are in your inventory because you used them once. For people who have not used them, they are still accessible via the main-menu "Avatar" and therein select "Choose an Avatar". Whichever you choose, will be placed in your inventory. There is also a toolbar button that you can add to do this from the toolbar. Linden Viewer: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewer_3_menus Firestorm: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/avatar
  21. No. There is already way too much in the way of privacy controls for this COMMUNITY.
  22. I've lived in eight of the fifty states. I've lived in two distinct locals each in five of those states. I went to three different high schools. The states range from east to west coasts and points in between. I live on the border of two states now and may have another state to add to that total within the next year. The moves were not due to being part of a military family.
  23. granted but you forgot the mobo standoffs and everything gets fried when you turn it on. I wish I had a time machine
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