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  1. This week we are raising awareness for the COVID-19 information center on Inspiration Island.

    Lissena, who also goes by Wisdomseeker, guides us through the colorful and comforting realm of Inspiration Island, which she created with several other volunteers to promote wellness in a fun and accessible way. In this region you can also find Whole Brain Health, which Lissena describes as “the virtual arm of our nonprofit Ageless Mind Project. Our mission is to give people the tools to stay sharp, active, and healthy, based on research coming from neuroscience, gerontology, positive psychology, and creativity.”

    The COVID display in the courtyard was built by Lady Brielle, a medical librarian who maintains the text as new data becomes available. Lady Brielle has been a tireless essential worker throughout the pandemic, and her work has not gone unnoticed. Lady Brielle us that “our outreach work in Second Life has been recognized by the National Library of Medicine and won an award in Research by the Hospital Libraries Section of the Medical Library Association.” 

    Information on COVID-19 is displayed in Spanish, American Sign Language, and  English. The creators of Inspiration Island took a multidisciplinary approach to presenting information so that as many people as possible can be positively impacted by visiting. In addition to medical data there are stories submitted by other Residents about their personal experiences of social distancing to remind us that what we’re feeling is totally natural, and we’re not the only ones who feel that way. There are also many activities to facilitate mental stimulation and help people feel connected.

    Lissena wants us to know that even the scary parts of sickness are addressed here: “Once a month Rob, a member of the Collective in Germany, hosts a Death Café -- something he is trained to do professionally outside SL -- conversations that help make death less {of} a forbidden subject. Amazingly, we laugh a lot there.”

    This vibrant region is the labor of love of a devoted community. Marly Milena, a volunteer who provides “programs focused on creative expression on Inspiration Island. I have introduced a way of working with arts-based processes, called Symbolic Modeling (SymMod for short). We use the building tools so people can make art in SL, and then we guide them in exploring meanings, new ideas, feelings, etc.”

    Thuja Hynes, the associate director of the project, builds educational exhibits and tours. Two of his current projects are called Simply Imossible and Hero Walk. There are also many weekly events. Faust hosts the Positive Change Circle at Whole Brain Health on Sundays at 3pm SLT, and Arisia Vita plays piano in the gaebo every Monday and Wednesday. Priceless contributions are also provided by community members Catseye Tennen, Ghaelen D'Lareh, and Marylou Goldrosen.

    Second Life is proud to host a space that incorporates elements of education, creativity, and community, and Inspiration Island is a living example of the positive it can bring. Lissena feels that the activities found here “give you insight into yourself, encourage your creativity and your sense of purpose and reduce loneliness, which is really important.” It is open to people from all walks of life, so stop by for a visit today.

    Video Production Credits:
    Draxtor Despres



  2. "In this Second Life video tutorial, I'll be customising the new Lelutka Mens Alain Head in under 4 minutes, for you to pause and follow along." Click over to YouTube to watch the video.

  3. Helviti - 1.jpg

    Today's Second Life pic of the day is a haunting avatar portrait by Helviti

    For a chance to have your image featured as the Second Life pic of the day, submit your work to the Official Second Life Flickr Group, but don't forget to read the rules!

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  4. Happy Wednesday!

    We’re writing today to remind everyone that we’ll be holding our monthly Web User Group meeting on Wednesday, January 13 at 14:00 SLT in our usual meeting place, where we’ll be discussing our status with ongoing projects such as the cloud uplift and our near future plans for our web properties, particularly in light of the changes taking place in the world around us. As always, we’ll leave plenty of time for Q&A from the community. We look forward to seeing you there!

  5. A Light in the Cloud - A Migration Update.png

    Hi Residents!

    I’ve come to ask for a favor.

    We’re in a really exciting time in the history of Second Life. We’re in the home stretch on moving the grid to the cloud. We hit a fun milestone a few days ago, and now there’s over 1,000 regions running in the cloud!

    Everyone in the Lab is working hard on this project, and we’re moving very quickly. I just got out of a leadership meeting where we went over what’s currently in flight, and there’s so many things moving that I lost track of them all. It’s amazing!

    The favor I’ve come to ask you for is your patience.

    We’re doing our very best to fix things that come up as we go. This means that we might need to restart regions more often than you’re used to, and things may break just a little more often than we’ve all been accustomed to.

    In order to get this project done as fast as possible and minimize the time (and resulting bugs) we have to spend with one foot in our datacenter and the other in the cloud, we don’t want to limit ourselves to restarting regions just once a week. We’re ready to get this project done! We’ve seen how much better Second Life runs in the cloud, and we’re ready to have everyone on the grid experience it.

    I’m sorry that things might be a little rough over the next few weeks. It’s our goal to finish the cloud migration by the holidays, so that everyone, Resident and Linden alike, can have a nice quiet holiday with our friends and families.

    We can’t promise we’ll make it by then, but we’re sure giving it all we’ve got. The mood around the Lab is really positive right now, and we’re all working hard together to make it happen. I’m really proud to be a part of the team that’s transforming Second Life as we know it.

    Thanks so much for hanging in there with us. We know it’s frustrating at times, but it won’t last for too long, and there’s a better future on the other side of this. We truly appreciate your understanding and patience as we finish up this project.

    Thanks everyone. 💜

    April Linden,
    Second Life Operations Manager

  6. Linden Lab
    Latest Entry

    By Linden Lab,

    Happy Friday!

    Our new auctions system has now been live for awhile and we wanted to give you an update on how it’s working. We’ve been very pleased with our Linden-run auctions and judging from your response, so have you. Our team of land experts will be continuing to offer those daily. 

    Our Resident to Resident auctions need a little more work. Effective the morning of October 14, creating new Resident to Resident auction listings will no longer be possible, while we take them back to the drawing board. All existing auction listings will be allowed to complete as originally scheduled.

    Any additional requests for abandoned Mainland can always be made via support ticket and we will continue to evaluate whether they are eligible for direct sale.


    Hello Residents of Second Life!  

    Over the last few days, Residents using certain email providers may have noticed that they are not receiving all email notifications for events such as Marketplace purchases and Offline Messages.  

    Email has come a long way since it was first introduced to the world in the 1960s. There are many factors that affect the deliver-ability of a message, and algorithms which affect it are constantly being updated.  Sometimes things go awry despite best intentions - such as certain phrases being flagged as indicative of spam, or the volume of messages sent in a certain time frame.

    Second Life is a complex beast and not all our email sending practices are as good as they could be. We are re-examining these practices and we’re going to do better to make sure our Residents are able to get the information they need.

    There are some things you, as the recipient, can also do to better ensure deliver-ability, such as having email filters, white-listing certain contacts, checking your spam folder and marking legitimate messages “Not Spam,” and even contacting your email providers about certain emails.

    If you are experiencing issues receiving emails from us, you may also want to consider updating your email temporarily to a different provider (for example if @yahoo emails are failing, try a @gmail account), verifying your email address with us (offline IMs, friendship offers, auctions, etc all require a verified address), and white-listing (add sender to contacts) Second Life messages to ensure you receive them in the future. It’s always best to use an email account that is only accessible by you.  

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused and will provide updates once available.

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