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Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide - 08/05/2013

Linden Lab



In our quest to uncover and share the new and wonderful inworld creations, we spend a lot of time delving into Second Life. So without further ado, we’d like to highlight a little bit of what jumped out at us this month.

For you investigative types, we have an ultimate hunt for... well, stuff, and a fiendishly difficult search for those interested in a challenge. Rounding things out are a beautifully rustic Viking village, a lovingly re-designed shopping center and a triple-tiered nightclub to let out that wild side. We always love seeing your creations, so join in the fun and submit your own. See you inworld!


The Ultimate Stuff Hunt

With over 220 designers, new home products and the latest in men's fashions, the Ultimate Stuff Hunt is a month-long hunting extravaganza. Find unique items to make your house a home or try out that new look with bold fashions and intricate accessories. And don’t forget the free gifts at the lounge. The hunt starts on August 2nd, so get down here!

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The Bleeping Bunny Hunt

Welcome to the Bleeping Bunny Hunt, a hunt so hard you'll want to curse! Every designer is providing a hint, a riddle or a scavenger hunt to find those pesky exclamation points. This hunt is meant to be hard. If it was easy, why do it? You'll encounter decoys along the way, but stick with it for your just rewards. The Bleeping Bunny Hunt runs from August 1st through the 15th, so don't wait.

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Syrinx is a beautiful and authentic Viking village. This moderate, non-combat location includes period-appropriate buildings and activities, they've even got the animals and plants native to Scandinavia. There are many places to engage in chores, spiritual and cultural exploration, relaxation, chores, adventure and maybe a little romance. Beware of sharks and bears!

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Zed Designz

"Keep up Darling, we'll hit the Men's level next!" "But Babe, what about the alien shooting game?" The Mothership landed in Second Life with a fabulous range of mesh clothing and accessories for ladies and gents by Zed Designz. Arrive in style by monorail then enjoy lucky chairs, hunts and fabulous prizes. Shop 'till you drop and party through the night at Club Zed.

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Equilibrium Night Club

Travel to the world of music with Equilibrium Night Club! Come see talented live musicians and DJ's from every corner of the globe in three unique atmospheric zones. Enjoy live concerts at Music Garden, shake your body at Dance Hall and don't forget to bring your sweetheart to VIP Hall while you bask in the views of the city. Friendly to all races, so come on by.

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