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the GBTH project : GBTH Magazine #9

Strawberry Linden



the GBTH project - 1.jpg

"We’re starting off 2022 and the conversation about the metaverse is making the world think about their virtual presentation more than ever. The collective thinking of our virtual selves is spreading to a bigger audience that is getting familiarised with the idea just now - as in Second Life, which exists for almost 20 years, we can safely say it has been going for awhile.

Launching our new exhibition space - the 2D Gallery W, we have Rob Danton, in Second Life for over 16 years and RL filmmaker for longer than that, with a series of personal portraits from ten residents on the grid, highlighting the similarities existing between their physical and virtual personas.

This subject is one of the most fascinating in the grid because of the human value applied to what we can call essentially blobs of pixels. It has been a common subject amongst academics, artists and whatnot. What is fascinating is seeing how it is approached, unravelled, unfolded, digested." 

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