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Second Sighting : Between dreams and nightmares: imagined futures in exhibition by wicca merlin and me

Strawberry Linden


Second Sighting - 10.jpg

"For the second part of this holiday season’s celebration in The 22 art space, the fabulous photographer, model and creator Wicca Merlin and I present to Second Life’s residents Electric Sheep, one of the two exhibitions dedicated to SL’s sci-fi and cyberpunk universe – the other one being Huckleberry Hax’s Waarheid: Truth Hunter – that open ... December 18, in the gallery, in Bellisseria. Electric Sheep runs until March 19, 2022, and displays two different views of the cyber-futuristic environment in Second Life. Each photographer shows five pictures of their existing catalog and another three new pictures especially conceived for the present exhibition." Read more on the blog.

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