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Second Life Destinations: 2021 Winter Attractions

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It’s hard to pick where to start with all the winter fun in SL, but here's a curated selection with some behind the scenes info on what inspired these creators!

Crisp Kringle is a wholesome Swedish hamlet on the Frogmore region. Creator Tolla tells us, “I wanted to create a small village deeply covered in snow with a feeling of Swedish lapland, small vintage shops, merchantiles, bakeries, coffee, mulled wine, and of course toys.” Crisp Kringle is open to all Residents, and rumor has it that you can feed carrots to Santa’s reindeer. Get cozy and treat yourself to a Fika today.

Next up is Peaceful Dreams, where the rolling hills are covered in powdery snow and a soft blue glow provides an ethereal sense of wonder. Creator Vega was inspired by “That feeling of the first snowfall, when the snowflakes hit your face and it feels magical. That peaceful walk down a snowy path, with nothing but the sound of your feet crunching in the snow, and finally, that kiss you share with your loved one in a sleigh ride through the snow.” Peaceful Dreams is the perfect place for a romantic winter adventure or a quiet solo moment to appreciate beauty and creativity.

Where Our Journey Begins is a photogenic wonderland offering many interactive winter activities. Experience the snow fall around you, coating the trees in soft white, and don’t miss out on the view of the glowing sky from a ski lift. Exquisitely carved gazebos and fountains give this region a rustic flair. Creator Vivian feels that “During the pandemic it is especially important to have places where one feels happy and content and {can} share these places with others, because these hard times are affecting all of us. Our place is here for people to meet and experience the holidays together.”

Snowdrift has a playfully surreal tone, with a chandelier at the entrance and reindeer with ornate antlers covered in lights and ornaments. Creator Whimsy has a very special relationship with Second Life: “After a near fatal car accident resulting in traumatic brain injury ended an 18 year career, SL gave me an outlet to stay connected and meet new people while I was homebound recovering.” Whimsy is now a mixed media artist who describes SL as “a lifeline to keep my creative spirit alive,” as one can see by visiting this enchanting region that melds natural beauty with a fairy tale aesthetic.

Inspire Space Park, co-owned by Delain Canucci, Jamilah "JaMee" Rossini, and Bonny Greenwood, is sort of a cultural institution. This region has been around for almost as long as SL itself, and the winter makeover will take your breath away. Cute forest critters, Ice skating, and the characteristic floating meteors are just a few of the things that make this place so special. Delain tells us, “What we did at Inspire with winter is to show people that even though we are in space, we still love to see beautiful environments. We will never change the main look of the park, but with special seasons we will decorate and try to make landscapes that leave people in awe.” This blend of science museum and winter wonderland is truly something that could only be found in SL. Jamilah has been visiting Inpsire Space Park for over 15 years, saying, “I will never forget that first time stepping into space. I was in awe at the sight I was seeing and how incredible it felt being in space, even though it was virtual… These three individuals (the original creators Earth, Raphael and Grafx, who recently passed away) came together and built a place to chill, meet others from all over the world and enjoy the music. I found home here.”

Now that you have a diverse set of options to choose from, we hope to see you inworld today! Ice skating, snowboarding, skiing and more are just a click away.

Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres

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