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New Look For Search

Linden Lab


Hello, and Happy Monday!

Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve updated the look of our inworld and web-side Search feature to bring it more in line with the look and feel of our viewer and the direction that that rest of our web properties will be going (see the new Join page, and the new secondlife.com landing page - they’re excellent). 

New Search home page in the viewer.

Our goal was to clean up the interface and provide a more streamlined and user friendly Search feature that maintained all the functionality that we’ve all come to expect and rely upon. Helpful tool tips will guide you in getting the most functionality out of your searches, and will update as we add more options for more sophisticated searches.

Search options are detailed in the search bar tool tip.

Once you’ve begun your search, you’ll find that all the familiar options are still available so that you can refine your search for Places, People, Events, Groups, Land to Buy or Rent, Classifieds, etc. We have not changed the algorithm that our Search feature uses in any way. We have simply tried to present the information in a more pleasing and useful manner.


All your favorite functions are easy to find.

All searches can be filtered by the convenient maturity dropdowns.

We’re extremely excited to be rolling this out today in time for all of our Holiday searching. We hope that you’ll enjoy the new look and feel just as much as we do, and we look forward to unveiling a host of new features for Search to go along with this facelift in the new year! Happy Searching!

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