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Viewer 2.5 with Web Profiles Has Arrived

Q Linden


Today we launched Viewer 2.5, now out of Beta. The most significant update is a new, web-based profile system, which allows profiles to be viewed and edited both on the web and in the Viewer. For example, here's mine. Please note this is just a starting point for the web-based profiles; we’ll be doing a lot of work to refine the usability and make them richer over time.

In response to your feedback from the early beta versions of Viewer 2.5, we've added some privacy settings that will allow you to control just how public your profile is. Once you’ve logged in, click on “Privacy Settings” in the upper right corner of your profile. Group settings set in the Viewer will be overridden by these group privacy settings.

  • "Everyone" means that the information is available to the whole Internet and can be picked up by search engines.
  • "Second Life" means that the information is available to all Second Life Residents who are logged into the website or inworld. This is the default for all existing Residents using Viewer 2.5.
  • "Friends" means that only your Second Life friends can see the information on the web and inworld.

This is why we have a beta process--to address concerns and improve your user experience. We will continue to iterate as we get more feedback. Thank you for all your help and comments. Please attend the Viewer 2 User Group meetings if you would like to share your thoughts and feedback directly with me and the Snowstorm team.

Viewer 2.5 also has some other new features. The one I like best is that you can now have your Favorite landmarks also appear on the login screen, so that you can log directly into your favorite locations. Torley made a video about this, so check it out! We've also improved some texturing performance and fixed another batch of bugs. Watching the internal data, we've already seen a noticeable improvement in stability and performance--on par with Viewer 1.23.

Download Viewer 2.5, try it out, and keep the feedback coming! And, if you Twitter, please use the hashtag #slviewer2.

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Nice to see some bugs fixed

About the new Webbased Profile ? Takes to much space on screen, loads too long and because of this the usual "lets have a look at his/her profile" is rather bothersome

Also, for ppl like me who don't have (or want) FB, Twitter etc. it is kind of useless!!

PS: Favorite LM's at startup don't work for me either

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Some settings just disapeared.


1. Can't disable/enable show on map anymore.


2. I can't give friends permissions to edit my objects, was in the profile page too, now its gone.


3.. All profiles inworld are just half shown, no groups, no picks, those i see only when i am logged in at the website and not at the inworld browser <<< Bad for business, now noone can just check the profile of a creator and join a group or check the picks for informations.


Actualy i am very disapointed from web profiles.

Anyone know how to change the "show on map" and "give edit permissions for all objects" please?


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The viewer is even faster as V2.4.

The privacy settings are confusing, above the three options is a checkmark and I have no idea what it does. Seems redundant to me. Please explain.

As with all webcontent there is a few sec's delay between click and open for that it's slower as before. Is there a trick to make it faster?

The profile looks nice but it's big and bulky. (like Search) I would like to see it much smaller with less whitespace so that opening more profiles is a real option. Reintroduce tabs. I would like to see it open (like search) in a size without scrollbars.

Swapping between profile and sidebar is confusing. Often one click isn't enough and two clicks are needed, but that behaviour is quite unpredictable.

I'm not a fan of the profiles yet, but I love what has happened under the hood of the machine. It's faster as the shadow of a click.

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I believe LL is reaching out to other users. I know the majority of SL residents wouldn't want their profiles on the internet, that is why LL gave the privacy option. There are those who may have real life businesses that use SL to further market it. I believe that is one reason why LL gave the option of changing the avatars' names. I think it is quite smart of LL to do this to increase users and at the same time not effecting current users.

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Okay everyone.  Regarding the "LL is updating me against my will!"  That's not true.  As Winter pointed out, in Setup there is an "Update Software Automatically" function that is on by default.  If you were running 2.4 then the program loaded 2.5 while you weren't looking -- that's all.

I myself was a bit surprised to find that I was running 2.5 last night.  Launching SL started an install which made no sense to me until I realized the version had changed.  But this auto update can be disabled if you want to disable it, so no screaming at the lab for this one.  Software that keeps itself up to date is common in the marketplace today.

I cannot attest to the stability or the good juju of 2.5 as I was only running it for an hour and not in a shakedown mode, either.  I did notice going to edit to change stuff in a prim's inventory was twitchy, but after 10 seconds it resolved itself.

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If we all have to carry that HUGE AD on the right hand side of our profile can we get it turned into a pay per Click Ad basicly we could get payed from LL for carrying this HUGE AD into places like facebook if you cut us in on the revenue that we may create (premium accounts only) otherwise let us remove that ad space or at the very least keep that ellement and stick a drag n drop text box html vid pic ect ect their instead then we can customize our profile better and maybe just maybe atract a wider audience for Linden Labs depending on which segment of the public we interact with based on intrests of diffrent groups.

Because as I see it you have ALL the Ads you need on the TOP TABS of the SL Webpage that loads the Profile.


Basic accounts carry ADS

Premium accounts can remove or change that ADD

We all win.

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I'll stick with Phoenix, thanks - until such time they have Firestorm mainstream... LL viewers are worse than they ever have been, and getting worse by the releases... shame....

LL should finally take their heads out of their asses, and realize that the TPV's are a better product.  Give all viewer programming to them, and focus on fixing the broken state SL is (and has been for quite some time).

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Is this feature only going to show the first page of the avatar profile on the web? I looked at yours, and didn't show the other parts like the picks and first life and whatnot.

A person needs to go to their privacy settings either in-world or by logging in to the my.profile page and set them up. I just did it for mine. You should be able to see picks/classifieds/groups. Wonder how long it will take to spider out? ETA the spidered web profiles now show in google woohoo

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While loading Inventory moving is a pain.

This is definitely not only a little worse compared to 2.4

And, no, my Internet link is not slow (16 MBit-Link)

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a new server. ok

so I thought I would try to edit the profile by just changing the pic.

Delted the pic with no problem. Got back in world. took a new pic.

It seems that now you need to save it to download it back on your profile. So I save it.

The pic saved as a .tga

Went back to the dashboard. Ang guess what? you cannot download a tga file!!!

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There is no way to re-enable the old profiles in Viewer 2.5 - but they may reappear in a TPV at some time.

Yea, as far as I could tell there was no way to change this back, and that includes the latest version of Kirstens and the trial Firestorm viewer.  I think they're here to stay because of the way the SL code is written.

This thing just has way too many bugs (and has since it was created).  Even though I use Kirstens viewer, I still had to rollback to a previous build because of all the bugs and such in the SL code, not to mention how clothing appears since the release of 2.4.

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I cant see a way to opt out of being linked to Facebook, Twitter, ect. Am I missing something or is it forced on us?

Unable to upload a profile pic and crashed twice within 20 minutes.

Sorry LL your latest viewer version is a fail also.

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Anyone else finding Shakespeare's Pants a problem with this viewer? This is when pants (EN-US) or trousers (EN-UK) appear tight around the ankles like leggings instead of being the expected width at the hems.

Nope, that also happens in1.23.5... pegged pants have returned;-)

If this is the case could you please take a screenshot and add it and a comment to the JIRA.  The matter is scheduled to be discussed at the next (or is that first) meeting of the 'Viewer 2 Evolution User Group' next week.

Added screenshot to JIRA.

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Is the another workaround for the SSL browser fail I keep getting when trying to opening a profile?   I would rather not install IE. Also and this is a little offtopic, the time between clicking the SL icon and the viewer actually opening, is steadily getting longer and longer and longer.  After 6 years, I know to wait.  But the delay must look very unprofessional to a new user.  Any chances of streamlining the viewers startup?

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The 2.5 web profiles are NOT searchable on the web - you have to enter the url http://my.secondlfe.com/firstname.secondname to access them.

Secondly, avi profiles have always been searchable on the Web - just enter the avi's name in the search box on any SL web page.

So please explain how 2.5 Web Profiles are a huge plus.

Removal from the upopular sidebar makes the sidebar an even bigger liability. Opening up a browser window in world to view profiles further clutters the screen and tends to be slow.

Unfortunately, Linden Labs seems totally clueless about UI (User Interface) Design and makes mistake after mistake after mistake. Such a shame.

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Unfortunately, Linden Labs seems totally clueless about UI (User Interface) Design and makes mistake after mistake after mistake. Such a shame.

This is really the center of the whole problem.  They really don't have the first clue how to make a user friendly, non intrusive UI.  It's downright embarrassing.

They keep making it harder and harder to immerse yourself in this virtual word.  In fact, they keep implementing "features" that continually drag you away from said world.  I'm beginning to think they don't actually want anyone INSIDE the virtual world, but rather on the web and "networking" to discuss how wonderful that virtual world could be.

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Mine updated and I was able to TP just fine.  You may have just been afoul of the routine grid teleport problems that everyone experiences, regardless of viewer.

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Ok just a question. Are the people who are saying here they link to facebook, flickr and twitter, linking to human accounts or accounts for your avatar? I'm really curious. I just can't imagine presenting Second Life information to the world, particularly that people I work with might see. I have all these social sites except Facebook, but I wouldn't dream of mentioning Second Life on them. Of course, I don't play Facebook games either, so I guess I'm out of the playing loop.

I have a flickr and Twitter account in my Second Life name, so that's not an issue really. Facebook of course don't believe in the concept of avatar names, so that's a different kettle of fish.

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Gideon:  I agree.  But in the absence of this, I went ahead and created an account in FB for my AV.  Then I attached that to the FB button.  If facebook wants to ban it, let them.  Just like the revolving doors of SL, I'll create another avatar account with another name in FB.

See if you can guess how much information my Avatar accounts will contain.

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Honestly, logging into Second Life lately is starting to feel like I'm at work.

Between the stupid "toasts" that popup about EVERYTHING, the oversized web profiles that clutter your screen real estate, the bugs in transferring inventory in the new profiles, etc etc....

It reminds me of a busy day at work where I'm swamped and everyone seems to have a problem they need fixed ASAP.  That's the last thing I want when I actually get home from work and login to SL.

I'm not one of the doomsayers who rant on and on about SL dying or whatever, but they better get a clue and fast.  This world gets less and less enjoyable everyday, and I know many longtime residents who feel exactly the same way.

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Argues Collingwood said:

A person needs to go to their privacy settings either in-world or by logging in to the my.profile page and set them up

Please, may someone tell me where I find this "my.profile" page so I can completely hide my profile?

I'm a happy no-user of Viewer 2 (I use a TPV with some V2-features only, without the odd V2-UI) ) and I have no interest in mix my Second Life with my Real Life. Things that happen on SL (is better to) remain on SL. This is the way SL Virtual World was created and this is the way I like.

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