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Viewer 2.5 with Web Profiles Has Arrived

Q Linden


Today we launched Viewer 2.5, now out of Beta. The most significant update is a new, web-based profile system, which allows profiles to be viewed and edited both on the web and in the Viewer. For example, here's mine. Please note this is just a starting point for the web-based profiles; we’ll be doing a lot of work to refine the usability and make them richer over time.

In response to your feedback from the early beta versions of Viewer 2.5, we've added some privacy settings that will allow you to control just how public your profile is. Once you’ve logged in, click on “Privacy Settings” in the upper right corner of your profile. Group settings set in the Viewer will be overridden by these group privacy settings.

  • "Everyone" means that the information is available to the whole Internet and can be picked up by search engines.
  • "Second Life" means that the information is available to all Second Life Residents who are logged into the website or inworld. This is the default for all existing Residents using Viewer 2.5.
  • "Friends" means that only your Second Life friends can see the information on the web and inworld.

This is why we have a beta process--to address concerns and improve your user experience. We will continue to iterate as we get more feedback. Thank you for all your help and comments. Please attend the Viewer 2 User Group meetings if you would like to share your thoughts and feedback directly with me and the Snowstorm team.

Viewer 2.5 also has some other new features. The one I like best is that you can now have your Favorite landmarks also appear on the login screen, so that you can log directly into your favorite locations. Torley made a video about this, so check it out! We've also improved some texturing performance and fixed another batch of bugs. Watching the internal data, we've already seen a noticeable improvement in stability and performance--on par with Viewer 1.23.

Download Viewer 2.5, try it out, and keep the feedback coming! And, if you Twitter, please use the hashtag #slviewer2.

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I wish once LL would work out the bugs before releasing things like this. So I first try using the SL psuedo web viewer to see these new profiles, but then get a malicoius virus warning when I try and view a youtube video I was requested to look at. So, I switch back to use my own web browser (firefox) and when I try and look at a profile I get THIS: "No Media Plugin was found to handle the "text/html" mime type.  Media of this type will be unavailable". This error message was perminantly in my lower right corner of my SL 2.5 viewer, and I had to close SL to remove it. Of course when the web page tried to open, I got a "must be logged in" error, so I couldn't see it. Apparently what I'll have to do is have it set up so I see profiles using the embedded viewer, and open and copy/paste in urls.

How convenient.

Just ONCE, I'd like to see LL tackle some of the more serious flaws SL has, rather than introduce pretty new features. Yet another example of the classic problem of "Designer Greeds over User Needs". If LL is looking for something to do, how about fixing the problem that's been around since V2 started; the inability to copy/paste a functioning slurl in IMs and have it be a functional link upon sending. I imagine they'll get around to this about the same time they fix the deeply flawed search system: in viewer 5.75.

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One difference I noticed and cannot figure out-how do you add a photo from your inventory like other versions? You can add a photo directly from your hardrive free but no longer a file picture from SL inventory?? Am I missing something??

The web based profile requires the photo to have full prems so it will show. If folks are seeing broken photos they might check the permissions or upload a new version onto the website direct.

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The point is, you can be searched on the web, not just inside SL. For networking, it's a huge plus.


And you didn't know that has been available for quite some time already?  Just google "sirjason sheffield" & second life and you'll see.

So they dump yet another version of the crap viewer that 90% of customers don't use and ignore the rest of the problems.

oh yeah...something new and shiny to cover the decaying and dying grid.  Yeah, nice try.

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I can haz web-baseage for teh inventory also, plz?

The current ASSet server has been crapping out for years and now you want a web-based system?  If they ever try that we'll all be naked, bald and have 0 in our inventories.

After 4 years in-world, I don't think I want to start looking like poor old Ruth again.

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What exactly is the point of web profiles? This is a serious question.. what's the point of it? Nobody that I know (besides the people I play Second Life with) give a crap about my character on Second Life. There is no need to ever search for anyone while you are outside the game. There is no way to customize your online profile in any way (colors, layout, etc.).

if you read the blog on opening communication you'll see LL is pushing Facebook and Twitter now.  Regardless of the fact we can't sign up to FB with the av's name and you can't use your real name in SL or maybe you dont' want to.

But that doesn't matter to LL.  The consensus is they are going after FB ad money or will be trying to make SL into and FB add on.

Either way this new viewer is just their attempt to distract people from the fact they aren't fixing anything of importance.  You can spray Polo on crap but it's still crap.

LL doesn't care what WE think and if they force us to use this crap viewer to log in, they're going to lose even more people and more money.

Enjoy it while you can, SL's day are numbered unless they start fixing the messes they've created and stop lying to its PAYING CUSTOMERS.

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As a paying customer, I have nothing but hope in the future of LL right now. Good vibes are at an all time high, sure there are still work to do and some of it will be just as hard for us as is for the staffers, but you know what; Collectivly as a community we moaned our backsides off last year and it didnt help, we want a better lab, lets start by trying to be a better community so they will come get involved again. Invoking Chicken Little does nothing to help anyone.

We're all emotionally invested in SL, very very very much so. I truely love this place, and while osme changes really have been crushing, others have made for a richer and more dynamic world, and the sooner we stop looking in the wrong end of the telescope and remeber why we all log in as much as we do the better. SL is one huge silver lining, HTML based profiles are basically a doodle in the corner that will undergo many revisions and if we can all work together they could be a very very welcome addition.

I don't like this "bin it and go away" is not helpful.

Make them faster and smaller is helpful.

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I already commented but I will add some to it.

I see the potential of this sort of profiles. Many like profile browsing, specially during socialising (if they can find a place where there are green dots since search still isn't capable of doing that easy).

The profile is huuge blobbing up the screen. It should be about the size of an open sidebar. There should not be horozontal slidebars, vertical are ok. The bug of ever openeing own profile is very annoying. The bug of the few sec between openeing is very annoying.

Positive, I have noticed that the inv is cached better and more efficiently.

Modifying group info goes very slow, can be more as 5 mins.

Should I start Jira's?

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More than else, please do something because this release has a lot of performance issues. The first i would  go after would be the  continuous freezing. it goes - freeze - it goes -freeeeze - it goes - freez - it goeeeees -freeze.

it would be acceptable in beta not in  a release build. Please note that i use only the official viewer 2 since it was released. To date the best version was the 2.4 official release. Maybe the new texture libraries have issues, i don't and can't know, but 2.4 was way better. I don't like web profiles as the ONLY option as well, but this is not a major issue for sure.

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I have used - and defended - Viewer 2 since its inception. The useability is better-thought than the old viewers and for a new user to SL it's a no-brainer.

However, this rollout is pathetic. It's the worst usability I've ever seen from  a long-established entity of the calibre of Linden Labs.

a) getting to the web profile is completely un-intuitive. Noplace in preferences is there a place to indicate a default browser for this function, that I can find.

b) the web profile interface is cumbersome and bad. If a person is lucky enough to figure out how to navigate from the internal browser to the web profile, they are then faced with clicking many links in order to view much of any information.

BOO!!! I've been a software developer for over 15 years and I find it very annoying when users give scathing negative feedback without considering the work that went into somthing, but this should not have been released. It impairs the ability to easily view user profiles and picks, and is probably impacting SL merchants as well - you underestimate how many people shop by pick surfing.


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I am with Dreamamine, I am defender of Viewer 2 it has many useful improvements, especially wiht the layers and attachments!

Having said that, Web Profiles is a giant step into the wrong direction!

1) I am too many clicks away from what I want to do

2) Takes too long to load in comparisom

3) where are my classfied stats? I can't see the outcome of my campaign or haven't figured it out yet how to get it on my screen

4) it always loads my profile when I try to load someone elses profile!


Web profiles have advantages for other reasons and I am glad we are having them and still I believe it should be optional! All the social networking possibilities are nice for those who like it but I find it dangerous how things get pulled from the grid! Marketplace has the potential to destroy SL, when people with in world ventures can't finance their land with malls that don't convert anymore, communties will fade away and SL will become less attractive! It all got it's pros and cons of course and I am a supporter of changes, however in my opinion this is heading into the wrong direction and web profiles at this point leave a lot to desire!

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I have learned numerous photo editing programs, 3d applications, cad applications, audio and video applications and rarely had to look at the manuals for the ones that have an interface that bears a resemblance to windows / mac os / x-windows / solaris / irix and the 1.2x and 3rd party viewers excluding kirsten's are very intuitive to anyone who understands the basics of the standard interface apis of any of these GUIs.

Viewer 2 is not, it gets scathing reviews because it departs so much from intuitive it had to take an effort to figure out how to make it so cumbersome and use so many windows to clutter the screen even with the very unfriendly sidebar which make it much more difficult to do simple things like drag a texture from inventory to your profile or a group you want to add an image to. I don't care how much effort went into it if it was done to make it contrived and difficult to use for anyone who is used to software industry standard interface design elements.

Alpha and tattoo layers and stacked attachments are a good improvement but have nothing to do with the poor interface and could have been more easily added to the 1.2x viewer interface and bugs in it could have been worked on instead of the wasted time spent mangling the interface.

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I thought this nerdy kid from Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg, already invented The Facebook. Well, I guess Billionaire would be an adjective that could be used for Mr. Zuckerberg as well. I am just really happy that all 10 Million of us manage to achieve 60,000 concurrent sessions, more or less. Only a little less than five years ago, concurrency of 8,000 was a major event. Of course, the grid would usually go down, but, I like to celebrate the positives.

I wonder when the Browser based version of WoW will be released?

I suppose maybe the tech is good enough to at least try this Viewer 2...

Now that I have an uber-fast CPU (3 GHz) and other yummy parts, well, I guess l need to see the world through viewer 2 eyes.

I've got a broom.

OMG!! The bloody smileys work!!

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The Web based Profiles, completly useless. Who needs so many damn windows popping up back an fourth.  I use Facebook for networking, SL is for enjoyment,  NEVER will i link the two.  nor do I want them even linked.  All i can see is this is going to be a even new way for stalkers to greif people. who just want to have fun and enjoy them self. the Old profiles worked, loaded quick, and didnt have to worry about extra windows popping open as you thumbed through the picks and notes

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Mine is not 4 seconds idk maybe 15 sec and the photo are not really loading ..i mean forever. i love viewer 2 because of the features which are very useful to me (tattoo layers, multiple layers etc) and i dont have a problem with the side bar, im used to it.

The web profile is really bad i cant even find the picks of someone's profile and the groups and again the PROFILE PICTURES ARE NOT LOADING.

I wish we have an option which profile viewer can use

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Both search and the webprofiles share the same cookiebug.

If selected internal viewer, disallowing cookies (as advised to prevent identity snooping), both search and the webprofiles break. IMHO this is a mayor bug.

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Concerns me big that its web based  and hate the idea that my profile is searchable world wide on the web. This is far the reason i liked SL so much when i started.

Also that i need to disable it in privacy settings that is doesn't show for everybody insted other way around that it is an optional choice if you like to show it to everyone. 

And some will say,if you dont have to hide something,why make such a fuzz. That isn't far the reason,is that every idiot on the internet can follow you world wide if you don't understand it or knows how to set privacy settings.

I disliked it just like the otther  latest  so called new improvements.

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