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[QUICKTIP] Are you dancing uncontrollably? Use "Stop Animating Me"!

Torley Linden


Bustin' a move on the virtual dancefloor and losing control is all fun and games — until you try to stop and yet your avatar just keeps on doing the electric boogaloo. When you find yourself in such a socially awkward situation:

  1. Go to Me menu > Movement > Stop Animating Me


FREEZE. This applies to all animations, not just dances: if you teleport and find yourself magically-yet-uncomfortably sitting in midair, that's another opportune time to use Stop Animating Me. (Although I see that less than I used to, let me know what your experiences have been.)


  • Normally, you can click a Stop button in an animation window or command an inworld object (like a dance ball) to cease. If all else fails, you have Stop Animating Me.
  • This feature has moved various places over time, but in 2.4, Linden Lab decided it was useful enough to bring out from the confines of the Advanced menu, so here you are.

Then, get back to intentionally dancing.



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But dancing uncontrollably just sounds like so much fun! But if we have to stop it's good to know there is a way, that is if you really want to stop, to stop.

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What fun, dancing uncontrollably who would want to stop? But if we must we must.! Hey Torley maybe you can play some of your dance music for us to dance uncontrollably to.

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  • Lindens

Thanks guys! I stand — or dance — correct, there are some parties you just don't wanna stop... even if you're all liek QGGSAGEHGSADSGDAHSDDSHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

@Homeless I have this tendency to blurt out encouraging things to my virtual self!

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