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Second Life Destinations: Hauntings

Linden Lab


Kick off a month packed with virtual scares at Hauntings, an eerie region that gives ghost towns another meaning.

Although creator Bekks Heartsong was introduced to SL by her brother 14 years ago, she tells us that “I was very confused and not grasping the concept… Fast forward maybe eight years: I 'accidentally' ended up in an older virtual world (that's another story) and learned how to build houses there, but once I became bored of it I attempted SL on a different account again, started learning to navigate and… stayed.”

A quick visit to Hauntings is an excellent reminder to not be discouraged if you ever have trouble navigating the virtual world. Look at how far Bekks came! In fact, Bekks says “I am still here because I absolutely love the creativity of it all. I think I'm doing pretty well decorating,  then go see a great region and realize I have a lot more to learn.” Second Life is always evolving, but that is precisely because of the ingenuity of Residents.

A walk around Hauntings is like a walk through one of your childhood favorite Halloween movies. A clearing in the forest reveals a Slenderman-like being, creepy corn stalks, and of course, a haunted house. Don’t forget to look up! A menacing dragon is perched above, breathing fire on all who dare to approach.

You will also encounter a spooky stage covered in a rolling fog. Bekks tells us “Among many other events I host "Almost Live" Karaoke on my region. It is not live but almost, hence the name. It was established in 2018. Singers send hosts pre-recorded share links from their fave karaoke app (SingSnap, Smule, etc.). Avatars perform onstage while the link is streamed on an external browser. It's an amazing group of very supportive people. It's perfect for those of us who do NOT wish to sing live, but enjoy sharing our songs.”

Visit Hauntings today for a perfect mix of goofy fun and scary ambience.

Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres

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