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Second Life Destinations: The Digital Art of Mistero Hifeng

Linden Lab


This week we immerse ourselves in the surreal digital art of Mistero Hifeng at Cammino e Vivo Capovolto.

Upon landing, the region feels like an art gallery crossed with a movie set: the type of thing that would cost millions of dollars in the physical world but can be created by anybody in Second Life.

Mistero’s style blends the abstract with symbolic imagery seamlessly. The use of light and water are key. Slow moving raindrops and a moving floor of water that looks like glimmering mercury... There are also several clocks strewn about haphazardly, perhaps an homage to Dali, one of the great figures of Surrealist art.

Abstract humanoid sculptures can be found throughout the space, often embracing each other. While they may seem plain from far away, closer inspection reveals that they express a wide range of emotions. The amount of detail given offers the hint of a narrative but the rest is a mystery for guests to put together. What is the purpose of the train tracks that lead nowhere? Mistero is indeed mysterious: he does not comment on the purpose of his installations. He does not offer any help to interpret it, which makes it even more powerful!

This region is a shining example of Second Life’s ability to serve as a conduit to one’s imagination. Come see Mistero Hifeng’s art today to experience the unique art of the metaverse.

Check out Mistero Hifeng's socials for more information on his work.

Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres


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